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Gas torches, known as more modern blow torches, are used in metal work and hot-applied roofing materials like felt or bitumen. Gas torches really are multi-purpose as they can be used for brazing, heating and burner applications, as well as no-nonsense approach to weed removal! Calloni, Grun, Narcisi and Sievert are popular gas torches, with many brands offering kits which comprise a gas torch, a hose and the regulator. These can also be purchased in constituent parts too, should you just need to replace part of a torch you already own. 

Take your pick from gas torch burners, a complete gas torch kit, a propane blow torch, propane torch kit and much more. 

Self-igniting gas torches are often praised for their safety and ease-of-use. Narcisi's propane gas torches are a favourite amongst Roofing Superstore customers as the Italian design is effortless and built to European standards, making it a perfect roofing gas torch. Looking for a budget  roofing torch option that doesn't compromise on safety or performance? Try Roofing Superstore's own brand of gas torches. 

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Showing 1-36 of 55