Hand Saws

Saws are an essential part of any tool box, and can be used for all sorts of projects, from cutting plywood boards and corrugated plastic to old timber and PVCu materials. Here at Roofing Superstore we stock a range of saws to you to choose from, from tile hand saws and bow saws to Celotex saws and more.

Hand saws

Hand saws are the most common and well-used saws on any building site or in any home, and are mostly used to cut through wood. Choose larger teeth and less teeth per inch for cutting soft woods, and smaller teeth for harder materials. The larger teeth will leave you with a more jagged finish, so the smoother the finish you require, the smaller the teeth you should choose.

Bow saws

Bow saws are shaped in the form of a traditional bow with a tubular frame, and tend to have coarse blades. They are most commonly used for cutting branches, which can be helpful when trying to clear the area above a roof. They will not give a smooth finish, but can cut larger branches than a handsaw.


If you’re looking for holesaws we also stock circular hold cutters with drill bits, perfect for when you need to cut a larger than standard holes such as to fit circular soffit vents. 

As well as a range of saws, we also supply a selection of replacement blades for bowsaws and hacksaws.


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