Tarpaulin / Large Tarpaulin Sheet

Tarpaulin is an essential element on many building sites, in DIY projects and in landscaping applications to protect and secure materials, aggregates and even garden furniture. In our range of multi-purpose tarpaulin sheet, also known as tarp, you’ll find tear resistant and waterproof tarpaulin sheet products, all with eyelets for you to easily secure them. Available in black/silver, blue, green/brown, and white, tarpaulin from Roofing Superstore is unrivalled on choice.

For additional strength and durability in heavy duty tarpaulin applications the hem of each tarpaulin available from Roofing Superstore has a poly rope around the edge. The poly rope hem is combined with a woven fabric tarpaulin, laminated with low-density polyethylene (LDPE), so you can be confident that in strong winds or heavy rain that your tarpaulin will perform.

Each tarpaulin in this range has key properties to ensure protection in many weather conditions. Waterproof, rot-proof and resistant to cold down to -20°C, these tarpaulins are great for a range of applications including as protection from adverse weather, to protect construction projects and foundations during a break in the build process or even in home DIY projects where carpets and flooring need to protected during works.

Tarpaulin Sizes

Tarpaulin sizes vary and you should be able to find the size you need for your project with ease in our range. We offer tarpaulin sizes from 5m x 3m up to 11m x 7m meaning you can find coverage from 15m2 to 77m2, not forgetting that you’ll be able to combine tarpaulins with fixings should you need 100m2 for example. 

Tarpaulin is fixed through the eyelets around the edge of the sheet. Eyelets are approximately every 1 meter so you can get a secure, stable fix whether you’re tying the tarpaulin to an existing structure or you’re using it to protect brickwork. There are also eyelets in each corner so whatever fix you need, tighter or looser, can be secured. 

Should you need tarpaulin in a size which isn’t currently listed here, please contact us using our live chat in the bottom right hand corner or call 01752 692 760 to request the size you’re after.

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