Mastic asphalt roofing has been the go-to solution for both commercial and residential flat roof applications for decades.

It’s extremely durable, recyclable, perfect for waterproofing and a great platform for an ever more popular green roof – a win on all fronts!

And yet, many engaged homeowners tend to shy away from a mastic asphalt roof because of its presumed high cost.

Except, it’s really not that high.

Our customers often ask:

How much is asphalt per ton?

At Roofing Superstore, we’ve compared the most recent mastic asphalt prices to help you find a bargain that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Let’s dive right in.

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What is the British standard for mastic asphalt?

Mastic asphalt has been used in Britain for nearly 200 years, having been patented all the way back in 1837. And as you might expect for a product with such a long history, British standards are quite rigorous.

BS 6925:1988

The current standard is BS 6925:1988 Specification for mastic asphalt for building and civil engineering (limestone aggregate) (AMD 7150) (AMD 9582). It covers any mastic asphalt roof application as well as flooring and tanking. However, there are different grades for each application, such as BSI 988T for roofing, BSI 1076 for flooring and so on.

But that’s not all:

In addition to the BS certificate, look for accreditation by the BBA (British Board of Agrément), the MAC (Mastic Asphalt Council) and other independent bodies as a guarantee of the highest quality.

Mastic asphalt roofing prices comparison chart

Did you know that a mastic asphalt flat roof the size of a football pitch might cost £40,000 less than alternative flat roof cost per m2 solutions during its lifespan?

This is huge!

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, here are the latest mastic asphalt prices. Keep in mind that mastic asphalt is typically available in one-tonne and half-tonne pallets.

Mastic asphalt type  Ex. VAT price per tonne from Ex. VAT price per half tonne from
Mastic Asphalt Gritless Paving Grade 1447£510.98 £319.51
Mastic Asphalt Gritted Paving Grade 1447£484.15£301.22
Mastic Asphalt Roofing Grade BSI 988T£484.15£302.44
Mastic Asphalt Flooring Grade BSI 1076£484.15£302.44
Mastic Asphalt Tanking Grade BSI 1097£495.12£309.76
Shield Flex R Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt£405.72N/A
Shield Flex T Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt£415.49N/A
Shield Flex P Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt£405.72N/A

The bottom line

Mastic asphalt prices are lower than you might expect.

And even when you factor in the average asphalt roofer cost, the benefits of mastic asphalt outweigh any negatives by a country line.

What’s more:

With mastic asphalt commonly available in both tonne and half-tonne measures, there are plenty of options for any sized flat roof, floor or tank.

No wonder this enduring solution has stood the test of time.

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