Roof batten prices vary depending on what size batten you need and what type of batten you need. Opting for C24 battens are going to be more expensive than C16 as they’re a higher grade batten for external and commercial building use. Choosing the correct roof batten to support the load of your roof or structure is very important, but there’s room to save cost by comparing prices across different merchants. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of roof batten prices and roof board prices for you to compare. Don’t forget, buying in bulk is a great way to get a further discount!

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C16 timber roof batten prices

Kiln-dried to comply with the strength criteria of C16 timber, C16 timber is used for most floor and roof joists in internal construction work. It’s the most cost-effective internal structural timber that comes in a variation of sizes and lengths. Below we’ve pulled together common C16 timber roof batten prices.

Roof Batten Ex. VAT Price From
47mm x 50mm roof batten price £1.30    per linear meter
47mm x 75mm roof batten price £6.42   per 3m
47mm x 100mm roof batten price £7.37    per 3.6m
47mm x 125mm roof batten price £12.92  per 3.6m
47mm x 150mm roof batten price £17.39  per 3.6m
47mm x 175mm roof batten price £22.66 per 4.8m
47mm x 200mm roof batten price £27.13  per 4.8m

C24 timber roof batten prices

C24 timber is a level up from C16 timber batten. It’s stronger and denser than C16 timber so it’s used for projects like balconies or to support cantilevered sections. The cost of import and the approval process for C24 timber batten is reflected in the price as you’ll see below.

Roof Batten Ex. VAT Price From
47mm x 150mm roof batten price £18.40
47mm x 200mm roof batten price £5.73 per 1m

Plywood board prices

Plywood is an essential roofing product that is often used to underpin the construction of a stud wall or floorboards. Available in many types, it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to which type of plywood board you need.

Roof Board Ex. VAT Price From
General-purpose hardwood plywood price £20.54
Structural hardwood plywood price £30.23
Shuttering plywood price £22.77
Marine plywood price £49.78
Structural plywood price £26.85

OSB board prices

OSB3 board is mainly used in structural applications as it’s suited to humid conditions. Thanks to this moisture-resistant quality it’s commonly seen in timber frame houses, underneath flooring finishes, in caravans and as wall sheathing for stud walls. The strength and durability (as it’s knot-free and void-free) of OSB board allows it to be used in many applications. It’s available in square edge or tongue and groove.

Roof Board Ex. VAT Price From
OSB3 9mm board price £13.29
OSB3 11mm board price £23.25
OSB3 18mm board price £14.28

Loft board prices

Loft board is a useful product for creating reliable floor space in your loft. Typically when lofts aren’t insulated and they’re used for storage space, gaining access is a balancing act as you have to tread carefully so as not to put your foot through the ceiling below! Installing inexpensive loft boards across the floor makes the space more usable. It could be the starting point of a value-adding loft conversion too!

Roof Board Ex. VAT Price From
Chipboard price £POA
OSB3 price £13.29
Hardwood plywood price £20.54
Structural plywood price £26.85

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