Make shopping easier using our VELUX flat roof window sizes chart. Here you can see the model number to help you find the right window and price you desire with ease. It can difficult to get to grips with roof window sizes. So using this chart can help you find what you need using the model numbers provided.

Click on your desired flat roof window size to be sent directly to the window page to find your ideal product.

60cmCVP 060060
CFP 060090
CVP 060060CVP 060090
80cmCFP 080080
CVP 080080
90cmCFP 090090CVP 090120
CVP 090090CVP 090120
100cmCFP 100100
CFP 100150
CVP 100100CVP 100150
120cmCFP 120120
CVP 120120
150cmCFP 150150
CVP 150150


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