On 4 May 2023, the VELUX Group issued a product warning for its CVU range of electric flat roof windows, citing the potential risk of an electrical fault. Under specific albeit rare circumstances, condensation build-up in the new generation mains-powered glass rooflight CVU range of windows, first launched in July 2021, may result in metal parts of the window like the rain sensor, reset button and the chain becoming charged and causing an electric shock of 230V.

The official VELUX release, available in full at the VELUX Media Centre, states that the risk is low, and no one has been injured so far. Please note that the solar power version of this flat roof window is not affected. Thus, customers interested in purchasing this product – which helps bring in more daylight and benefits from a minimalist glass-to-edge design – can safely opt for that solution instead.

We would also like to emphasise that older generations of VELUX flat roof windows are not impacted by this issue, and neither is the ever-popular VELUX sloping roof window range.

Customers who already own the product can continue to use it safely with the remote control, but it is recommended that they refrain from any physical contact with the window to avoid the risk of an electric shock. They are also advised to contact VELUX directly via telephone (+01592 778225) or email (technical@velux.co.uk) to arrange a free technical inspection of their affected windows.

VELUX product warning

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