Birds can be a massive nuisance in all domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural areas.

Whether they’re nesting in your chimney or getting under your roof tiles, they’re likely to damage parts of your roof and cause all sorts of issues.

You’re probably wondering:

How do I get rid of birds on top of my roof?

Luckily, there are certain things you can do to prevent them from damaging your property with the help of our handy bird deterrent methods, including bird netting, bird spikes and bird repellents.

Read on to find out how to stop birds from sitting on your roof in the UK.

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Bird control nettingBird deterrent netting

Bird control netting helps to prevent birds from perching and nesting. Suitable for domestic and industrial roofs, it can be purchased in a range of mesh sizes and colours to ensure it doesn’t prove an eyesore. Black, stone and translucent mesh are available to match the exterior of your building.

Knotted bird control netting can protect against nesting by seagulls, pigeons, starlings, sparrows and more. Different mesh sizes offer protection down to 19mm. Simple to fit with staples, corner ties or screws, you can also have knotted bird netting cut to size to perfectly fit your project.

Anti-perch bird spikesBird deterrent spikes

Anti-perch bird spikes will stop birds from settling across the roofline of your building. This can inconvenience tenants and cause damage. With snap-off points lending to easy installation, anti-perch spikes available from Roofing Superstore can be installed using spike adhesive, nails or screws.

Bird deterrent spikes are available in stainless steel and polycarbonate. Choose between narrow, medium or wide spikes depending on the area you need protecting, and the type of birds you’re trying to avoid settling. For example, pigeons require narrow or medium spikes, while seagulls require wider solutions.


Visual bird deterrent options

There are several types of visual bird deterrents available. Agrilaser handheld bird dispersal lasers are ideal for repelling geese, pigeons, doves and many other types of birds. Using green laser technology, they have a far reach of up to 1,000 metres. If used consistently, they will make birds perceive the area as unsafe.

Hawk Kite Replacement

Alternatively, use a decoy bird as an affordable solution to deter pests. Perfect for small gardens, balconies and trees, they are available in several options. For example, the PestFix decoy flying falcon uses realistic movement to simulate a threat. Similarly, the Action Owl simulates realistic owl head movement.

How to stop birds from sitting on your roof in the UK

Say goodbye to meddlesome birds with the right bird deterrent.

You’ve got plenty of options:

If you’re experiencing problems with birds blocking your chimney through nest-building and droppings, you have the choice of using various types of chimney bird guards.

On the other hand:

If your goal is to prevent birds from landing in a wide area, like a garden or a large roof, we offer a variety of tools and accessories for bird netting.

Last but not least:

Visual bird deterrents provide a straightforward method to scare birds away from your property. And if you’re really struggling, consider using a combination of different solutions.

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