As with any flooring, there will come a time when you need to clean and maintain it to ensure it keeps looking and performing its best. Especially if you have a heavy level of pedestrian traffic coming through a commercial space. So how do you ensure your rubber tile flooring can last and look its best? Find out more below!

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How to clean rubber tile flooring

Do not clean rubber tile flooring for a minimum of 72 hours if installed using adhesive. However, if your rubber tile floor has not been installed using adhesive, you can do an initial clean after the installation to make it look good early on.

Daily cleaning of rubber floor tiles

For general cleaning, grab the following tools and carry out these steps.

What you will need

  • Broom or heavy-duty vacuum cleaner (with soft mechanical drive brush to avoid damaging tiles)
  • Soft scrubbing brush
  • Detergent

1. Let’s start with simply clearing the space.

Sweep or vacuum away all loose dust, dirt and other debris from the area.

2. Time to scrub away those more difficult messes.

Highly dilute your detergent and scrub the surface with a soft scrubbing brush. Once that has been done, rinse the tiles thoroughly with clean water.

Deep cleaning rubber floor tiles

Sometimes, after long-term use, you might find your floor rubber tiles need a thorough cleaning. This will require more heavy-duty methods of cleaning.

What you will need

  • Low pressure washer
  • Soft scrubbing brush
  • Warm water
  • Detergent

1. Set up the pressure washer and clean the surface.

Ensuring the temperature does not pass 80°C, clean the tiles. Keep a constant distance of at least 35cm between the nozzle of the sprayer and the tile surface. Doing so will reduce the risk of impact pressure.

2. Now scrub away the excess contaminants.

Using the pressure washer might have caused other foreign matter to escape to the surface. You will need to remove this using your brush, warm water and highly diluted detergent. Once done, this can be rinsed off using clean water; your rubber tiles will look as good as new!

How to maintain rubber flooring tiles

Rubber floor tiles positioned in a space with heavy amounts of sunlight are prone to having their PU layer (the protective top coating) deteriorate during use. So, if this or any other damage has occurred, you will need to remove and replace them, as necessary.

More information about this process can be found in our easy guide to laying rubber floor tiles.

How long do rubber tiles last?

The longevity of the rubber tile will depend on the quality. However, thinner tiles typically have a much shorter lifespan at around 5 years. Thicker rubber floor tiles can last longer between 10 and 20 years.

When do they need replacing?

You must replace rubber floor tiles if they are damaged as soon as possible. Especially in areas where elevated levels of pedestrian or vehicle traffic occur. Not doing so makes it a slip-and-trip hazard. Luckily, unless the whole floor is damaged, you can replace the damaged tiles on their own without having to remove the entire floor.

If there is discolouration, as is expected over long-term use, it’s possible to restore them with cleaning using the methods provided above. However, discolouration can be a much bigger issue if the rubber tiles are subject to standing water. If this is a big issue, replace them if you want a continuous appearance.

How to remove scuffs

Scuffs are likely to be caused by rubber feet. In some cases, metal feet can also excessively wear out the rubber floor tiles over time. To avoid this, lift any chairs and tables when moving furniture to and from the rubber tile flooring space.

If you do manage to cause or spot any bothersome markings, do not use acid-based cleaners to remove them. If unsure whether the cleaner contains acid, test on a smaller area before moving forward with the cleaning process.

You will also want to avoid having your pressure washer on high. The jet will not only damage the surface but lessen the bond between the tile and the substrate. You do not want tiles slipping all over the place!

Removing stains

Food, spilt drinks and/or plants are common offenders for stains. Whether it is an event that has got out of hand or a relaxed moment went wrong, these smears can be easily removed. In this instance, more difficult stains can be washed off using the daily cleaning methods mentioned above.

Where to buy rubber floor tiles

Our Roofing Superstore has plenty of options for you to choose from when installing a rubber tile floor. Explore to find out more about the available products. Including the different colours, sizes and styles you can choose from to create a floor that is right for you.

For more information about rubber flooring or other roofing and property supplies, check out our wide range of Help and Advice for guidance. You can also contact our friendly customer service team for information and support with your search.

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