With so much talk about the positive impact of fresh air and daylight on our physical and mental health, we wanted to join in the conversation. So, we invited our friends at VELUX to take part in a special Facebook Live chat where we answered questions and discussed the key considerations for anyone who is looking to increase the amount of natural light and ventilation in their homes.

If you missed it, the video is still available to view on our Facebook page, but we’ve pulled together some of the highlights here!

Getting the light right

One of the first questions was regarding daylight and specifically, how to make sure that you are using the right number of windows in the right places. Steve Smart from VELUX stressed the importance of not underestimating, or underinvesting, on daylighting and to look not only at what the room is currently used for but how its function may change in the future– after all, installing a new window is not going to be as simple as updating a pair of curtains!

Steve advised not to skimp on the sunlight but also to bear in mind the 20% rule, which gives a good guide to what the ratio between the amount of glazing and floor space should be. When calculating the number of natural light sources, it’s also important to remember that other fenestration units such as bi-fold doors and vertical windows can complement a roof window so you can choose the best combination for your needs and budgets. But did you know that roof windows can let in twice as much natural light as vertical windows? This makes them a great option when space and money is limited as less glazing is needed to create brighter interiors.

Healthy interiors

Natural light doesn’t just boost the way a room looks and feels but it can also boost your mood and the link between daylight and our wellbeing was a key point discussed by VELUX’s Rachel Dennett. With more of us spending more time than ever indoors, Rachel discussed how a lack of sunlight can trigger negative emotional and physical reactions, similar to those associated with the Seasonal Affective Disorder. Not only can it make us feel low, but not getting enough exposure to daylight can also disturb the production of key hormones such as melatonin, as well as playing havoc with our internal body clock.

Similarly, homes that are poorly ventilated can also affect our health and Rachel spoke of how the air quality inside our homes can be up to five times more polluted than that outside. Add to this the growing awareness of how opening doors and windows to maintain a fresh supply of air can help limit the spread of airborne diseases and viruses such as COVID-19, it’s clear that improving ventilation in our homes needs to be a top priority. As well as improving the condition of the air we breathe, opening windows more frequently can also help to lift our mood and increase productivity, which is important for those of us working or studying from home.

Pick and mix products

When it comes to choosing the products that you need to improve the amount of light and ventilation in your home, our very own Callum Tasker from Roofing Superstore talked about the importance of considering where the windows will be installed. For example, in rooms prone to condensation such as kitchen and bathrooms, it’s important to choose a window that would offer greater moisture resistance such as a one with a durable polyurethane finish. Callum also explained that there is a great choice of glazing types, opening styles and accessories such as blinds so that you can easily create your own perfect window depending on your requirements. And don’t forget the flashing! This is a vital part of any installation as the flashing creates a weatherproof seal that covers the join between the window and the roofing material to prevent the risk of leaks and draughts.

Making home working work for you

With the rise of homeworking, there were plenty of questions relating to how best to convert an existing loft space to create a home office. Everyone agreed that one of the most important aspects to consider what ensuring that your space was well lit, but not so bright that you’re troubled by excessive glare or heat from the sun. Here the chat looked at the range of innovative solutions available, from anti-heat blackout blinds and shutters to special awnings that can prevent the build- up of heat on the glass.

For extra control, the VELUX Integra Windows range is ideal as the windows can be controlled electronically and will close automatically if rain is detected – great for ensuring an unexpected downpour doesn’t disturb that important video call.

VELUX Integra flat roof window from Roofing Superstore

Personal profiles

As the chat concluded, the message that came loud and clear was that every project is different and the type and quality of windows will depend very much of where you live, what the room is going to be used for, as well as budget and local planning restrictions. Fortunately, with such an extensive range available from VELUX, it’s easy to find the right solution. Plus, with the expert guidance and help from your friendly team at Roofing Superstore, finding your perfect window doesn’t have to be a pain.

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