Order Helpline 01752 692 760
Order Helpline 01752 692 760

Whitesales Custom Rooflight Configurator

Whitesales brings over 25 years' experience to the design and manufacture of their products, including rooflights, sun tunnels and access hatches. Meeting or exceeding up to date building regulations, Whitesales product range includes polycarbonate and glass rooflights and sun tunnels which let natural daylight into a building. Higher levels of natural daylight have been proven to increase productivity and happiness, making low-cost Whitesales rooflights perfect for offices, schools and commercial spaces. Use our configurator above to find the perfect product for your application, complete with everything you need to install this product. Contact our roofing customer service team on 01752 692 760 for technical questions, installation guides or advice on which product is right for you.

Whitesales Em-Dome custom rooflights

Whitesales's durable polycarbonate Em-Dome modular rooflights are designed to let in maximum daylight to increase natural light levels. Coupled with over 140 sizes, Whitesales Em-Dome rooflights leave customers spoiled for choice with a range of shapes and glazing options for the perfect match. Create your own builders upstand or choose to have an upstand delivered with your rooflight. It's easy to get a custom solution for a lighter, brighter space. Em-Dome custom rooflights come in square, rectangular or circular dome shapes so customers can choose what suits their project the most. Once this is chosen, you'll need to pick between ventilation types, including manual opening, electric opening, fixed vented, or non-ventilated. Opting for ventilation is recommended in highly trafficked areas or areas where people may spend a lot of time in one sitting will reduce the risk of rooms becoming stuffy or odorous.

Whitesales Em-Glaze custom rooflights

Whitesales's Em-Glaze modular rooflights are very similar to the popular Em-Dome rooflights except the glazing for these is glass. Boasting thermal and acoustic insulation properties, this flat glass flat rooflight provides a minimalistic and clean finish that will suit contemporary and modern buildings. The majority of these products are square or rectangular but a select few circular sizes truly rounds out the offering for a full choice of styles. Double-glazed or triple-glazed in one of 4 glazing finishes, use the configurator above to make your selection.

Whitesales Raylux Glass modular rooflights

Over 14 sizes of Raylux glass modular rooflights come together to offer this range of unique and attractive products. Manufactured from a 6mm outer pane and an 8.8mm inner pane, this double glazed rooflight comes in clear glazing to maximise the looks and the style of this rooflight. High quality and high specification meet with this rooflight as Raylux glass modular rooflights boast a uPVC frame around the rooflight in anthracite grey or white.
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