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Actis, a company that has been supporting the industry since 1980, is known for reflective foil insulation. They’re specialists in innovation, design and the manufacturing of insulation products. These include the Actis Hybris and Actis H Control, which use the honeycomb structure to lock in air and insulate properties as an effective method of loft insulation.

The ultra-thin Actis Triso Super 10 Plus is also designed with thinness and high performance in mind. Almost 30 years of manufacturing insulation and the expertise gained from this is certainly shown in this next generation product.

At Roofing Superstore, we supply a range of Actis products, including multifoil insulation, breather membranes, foil and joint tape. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and thicknesses and you can purchase the products you need at more reasonable costs.

Actis pride themselves on the long-term use of their products and make sure manufacturing is smooth, as well as efficient. Another benefit of the way they manufacture is by making their products as airtight as possible. This is done to avoid performance loss which can usually get up to 50%. 

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