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Freefoam offers a wide variety of fascia and soffits. Check out the range below for more information.

Different types of fascia

Fascia can be made from a wide range of materials, but the most common materials used to manufacture fascia are wood and uPVC.

Wooden Fascia 

As mentioned, wooden fascia boards are one of the most common options used, due to the traditional use of wood in the building, but also due to the affordability of wood compared with other products. However, wooden fascia must be primed before use, as wood is not water-resistant so will rot over time if left unprotected. Additionally, it’s worth factoring in that a wooden fascia will require repainting periodically to replace any peeling paintwork.

uPVC Fascia 

uPVC fascia, or plastic fascia, is becoming increasingly popular as technology and manufacturing methods improve. There are so many different styles, shapes and colours of plastic fascia boards that can be created, which means there’s no need to compromise on the finished look of your home or building. Additionally, uPVC is a durable material that, unlike wood, will not experience rotting or warping over time, essentially making it maintenance-free.

What's more, just because fascia, soffit and other cladding (like barge boards) are functional, it doesn't mean they have to limit the style of a home. There's no need to compromise on a colour palette or period character as fascia boards and the like come in an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes from our suppliers. Decorative finials and finishing touches can add a unique take to an otherwise essential component of a roof. 

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