Freefoam Fascia Board & Soffits

Fascia boards and soffit boards protect the roof line and are installed against the edge of the roof trusses so essentially 'face outwards'. PVC fascia boards are the part of the roof line that face you whereas soffit boards are the boards that are installed underneath the fascia to aid with ventilation and to hide the roof trusses and other unsightly building components. uPVC fascia boards are lightweight and strong that's durable in all weather conditions. Fascia board has to be strong and resilient as this is where the guttering is attached during standard construction, supporting the weight of a British downpour on a regular basis! 

Just because fasica boards, soffit boards and other cladding (like barge boards) are functional, it doesn't mean they have to limit the style of a home. There's no need to compromise on colour pallete or period character as fascia boards and the like come in an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes from our suppliers. Decorative finials and finishing touches can ad a unique take to an otherwise essential component of a roof. 

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Showing 1-24 of 390