Marley Plastic Guttering

Marley plastic guttering includes a variety of guttering solutions designed to suit many different drainage requirements. The Marley plastic guttering range has many different styles of plastic guttering to choose from. Each type varies in shape, profile and characteristics that ensure there is always a suitable choice for your product. You can even choose from traditional style circular and square profile guttering if needed. 

Deepflow Marley guttering

Deepflow is designed as a practical and effective rainwater system. It will be just as effective in periods of heavy rain and storms thanks to its semi-elliptical profile. The profile has a higher capacity than traditional rainwater systems. 

Flowline Marley guttering

Flowline is a rectangular linear gutter system.  Like Deepflow, this also has a higher capacity than traditional half-round systems. It is also incredibly popular for larger roof areas.

Clip Master Marley guttering

Clip Master is an easy-to-install half-round gutter. This design is perfect for DIY and small installations due to its compatibility with half-round systems from other manufacturers.

Stormflow Marley guttering

Stormflo is one of the biggest PVC rainwater systems available.  It’s perfect for commercial properties due to its impressive flow rate of up to 14l/s. 


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