VELUX Cabrio is a roof window that transforms into a balcony. Two sections of this roof window perform different functions so that when the window is opened it turns into a balcony space that an adult can stand in without crouching or watching their head. A top hung window opens the top half of the window, swinging open 90 degrees before locking in that position. The bottom window pushes open to produce side railings and a glazed balcony, as in the image to the right. Each VELUX Cabrio offers a beautiful, chic and modern balcony space when open and it’s quite the statement piece. When the window is closed the two large glass panes offer plenty of daylight to the space and it will no doubt become a talking point. When you purchase a VELUX Cabrio, you purchase the entire VELUX window balcony system, including flashings and support trimmers.

Where can you install VELUX Cabrio?

The most common roof pitch in the UK is 45 degrees, and other roof pitches tend to only vary a small bit. With this in mind, VELUX manufactured the VELUX Cabrio to be suited to roof pitches from 35 degrees to 53 degrees. VELUX Cabrio is suited to tiled and slate roofs too, in a combination of sizes and internal colour finishes.

Do you need planning permission for VELUX Cabrio?

Under Permitted Development rules you’re not allowed to build any kind of balcony, veranda or terrace without planning permission. It’s unfortunate as the lines could be blurred between whether VELUX Cabrio is a window or a balcony system but it’s probably not worth the gamble, especially if the balcony is to look over someone else’s property.  There are other elements of your project that may require planning permission and as such it’s important to disclose the presence of VELUX Cabrio as the Planning Officer will want to know the location and height of windows. If you need planning permission for a loft conversion and your development is not Permitted Development then you need full permission for the window too.

What are the benefits of VELUX Cabrio?

VELUX Cabrio is a VELUX balcony system, and is put together with toughened glazing on the outer pane and the inner pane to ensure that safety is high priority. You get the stunning design and daylight with no compromise on safety. The other benefits of VELUX Cabrio include:

  • Brings more outside space and light into the building
  • Adds value to a property
  • Easy-to-clean glazing
  • Top-hung window can open to 180 degrees for easier cleaning and further reaching views
  • Other top-hung or fixed windows can be added to create a larger or customised glazed space

What finishes are available for VELUX Cabrio?

VELUX Cabrio balcony systems are manufactured from high quality and sustainable natural pine at their core. When you decide to purchase A VELUX balcony window you get to choose between a natural pine appearance on the inside of the window or a white-painted interior. This gives total freedom over how you incorporate the window into the room and whether it’s a focal point or cleverly blended into the background.

VELUX Cabrio balconies come with the flashings required to weatherproof the area around which they’re installed. These flashings have to be different for slate and for tile so you’ll need to pick which of these you need. Once this decision is made you can choose between a single, double, or triple appearance window like the image below. 

What sizes do VELUX Cabrio balconies come in?

There are 6 widths available of VELUX Cabrio balcony windows. Single, double and triple variations each have 2 widths compatible with tile or slate. Each VELUX Cabrio is 252cm in height. The option of widths that VELUX gives you is to ensure that their balcony systems will fit into more roof space without compromising on style or design.

For impartial advise or help determining which type of VELUX Cabrio would work the best for you, give our customer service team a call on 01752 692 760.

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