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 There are a range of loft hatches available to provide you with access into your loft, whether you need regular access for storage, or just occasional access for maintenance. Here at Roofing Superstore our loft hatches come in a range of opening options, styles, sizes and finishes to ensure that the loft hatch you choose matches your project without compromising on style.

Push Up Loft Hatches

Push up loft hatches are the most traditional style of loft hatch. The frame and the door, or board, are separate, and when access is required the door is simply pushed up and moved to one side of the opening. The push up loft hatches available have anti-wind uplift mechanism and are fitted with seals to prevent draughts, condensation and improve insulation along with the thermally insulated loft door. 

Drop Down Loft Hatches

Drop down loft hatches are becoming increasingly popular due to ease of use. The door simply drops down into the room when unlocked, which is often done through a twist action mechanism, and provides you with access into the loft. Although drop down loft hatches are generally hinged to allow ease of opening and closing, they can also become unattached to allow unobstructed access if required. Drop down loft hatches come complete with seals to reduce the movement of moist warm air entering the roof space, as well as preventing draughts from coming into the house, which improves insulation.

Fire Rated Loft Hatches

For added safety, you can also purchase fire rated loft hatches. These are supplied as drop down loft hatches and have been tested to provide a 1 hour fire rating due to the mineral fibre fire retardant insulation within the loft hatch.

When unreachable by hand, loft doors and hatches in higher ceilings can be opened with opening rods. These rods allow you to open the hatch either by pushing up on the door or pulling down on the latch to provide access easily. If you have installed a telescopic loft ladder, the rod can also be used to pull this ladder down safely. 

We also have a range of loft ladders, which can be purchased separately and come in a range of sizes and designs. 


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