Solar Reflective Paint

The absorption of heat by dark roof surfaces can cause a number of problems in your roof, but reflective roof paint can help combat this. Reflective roof paint, also known as solar reflective roof paint, is growing in popularity, and is seen as a great way to save money and stop your roof from developing weaknesses. Here at Roofing Superstore we stock a range of heat reflective paints and solar reflective paint for you to choose from, from well known brands such as Cromar and Bond-It.

The advantages of using reflective roof paint

Generally applied to flat roofs, reflective roof paint is used to reduce the amount of sunlight that is absorbed by your roof. If your roof absorbs a large amount of heat, this can eventually cause issues such as alligatoring, when cracks and splits occur in the roofing material. When heat reflective paint is applied, the amount of heat absorbed is heavily reduced, so this is less likely to occur.

When your roof absorbs large amounts of heat, it will also heat your home. In summer months this can result in higher energy usage from air conditioning units, to keep the house coo. With a growing focus on energy conservation, reflective roof paint can help minimise unnecessary energy use by ensuring the house does not get as hot in summer months. 

When the roof heats up, it can also result in thermal expansion. When thermal expansion occurs, it can  cause movement of roofing materials, which over time can lead to weaknesses and stresses in the roof. When reflective roof paint is applied, the amount of thermal expansion that may occur reduces dramatically, meaning there is less potential for weaknesses and stresses due to movement of roofing materials.


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