Adding a blind to your FAKRO roof window is a great way to not only update the style of the room, but also to provide an effective method of controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the room, and minimise heat loss through the FAKRO window.

There is a vast selection of FAKRO blinds that have been designed specifically to fit FAKRO roof windows. Whether you’re looking for a pale blue roller blind, a grey blackout blind or a cream Venetian blind, you’ll find exactly what you need here at Roofing Superstore.

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How to find the correct-sized FAKRO blind

Each FAKRO window blind has been designed specifically to complement a FAKRO roof window. Therefore it is important to know the dimensions of your FAKRO roof window in order to choose the correct FAKRO blind.

To find out the dimensions of your FAKRO window, you need to locate your FAKRO data plate. On this plate, you’ll be able to find out the type of window it is, the dimensions of the window, and the production code.

Finding the data plate on centre pivot FAKRO windows

On centre-pivot FAKRO windows, pull the window open so that the sash comes down towards your eye level. The data plate is located on the right-hand side of the window sash.

Finding the data plate on top hung FAKRO windows

On top hung FAKRO windows, put the window in the centre-pivot mode, and then open it until the window sash is at eye level. Again, the data plate will be located on the right-hand side.

a) This is the code for the type of window you have. This will vary depending on factors such as the opening method, the type of glass used, and the material the window is manufactured from. 

b) This is the size of the window in centimetres and is shown in width/height. This is the information you need to find a FAKRO blind that fits your FAKRO window perfectly.

c) This is the production code of your FAKRO window. 

Once you’ve identified the size of your FAKRO window, you can choose the correctly sized window blind. 

What type of FAKRO blind do I need?

There are a number of different styles of FAKRO blinds to choose from, and the type of blind you’re looking for depends on the reason for purchasing the blind. 

FAKRO roller blind

The FAKRO roller blind has been manufactured specifically to diffuse and control the amount of light that enters a room, without completely blocking out the light.

As well as softening the light that enters through a FAKRO window, the roller blind is also a popular choice when looking to create a level of privacy. By pulling the roller blind down, you create privacy without blocking out all the light. 

The roller blind is also a great way to protect furnishings and surfaces from fading over time. By softening and diffusing the direct sunlight that enters through the FAKRO window, you are minimising the amount of direct sunlight that hits surfaces below, which is what causes fading over time. 

The FAKRO roller blind consists of lightweight and durable material, available in a range of colours and styles, connected to a roller. The blind features a control bar at the bottom of the blind for operation and can be locked in place at three different positions on the window. When not in use, the FAKRO roller blind can be rolled up compactly, so that it is almost completely hidden from view. 

For these reasons, FAKRO roller blinds are a popular choice when installing a blind in living rooms, kitchen areas, hallways, and other areas of the house where privacy and a reduction of direct sunlight are desired, but without creating total darkness.

FAKRO Venetian blind

The Venetian blind from FAKRO is a classic and timeless accessory for your FAKRO roof window. The blind is designed to provide maximum control over the amount of light that enters a room, as well as adding a touch of privacy by disrupting the view into your home. 

The FAKRO Venetian blind consists of a number of lightweight aluminium slats, connected by an integrated cord. The slats can then be rotated by twisting the control rod, which changes the angle of the slats. This means that the slats can be fully closed, allowing minimal or no light into the room, or they can be flat, which lets more light in.

As well as changing the angle of the aluminium slats, the blind can also be pulled up to sit compactly at the top of the window, almost completely hidden from view. This means that when desired, an uninterrupted view is provided and light can also travel through the window uninterrupted for maximum brightness. The Venetian blind can be secured at any point up the window frame, providing another alternative method of adjusting the amount of daylight that enters the room.

For these reasons, FAKRO Venetian blinds are popular in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and other areas of the home because they provide privacy when required, as well as a fully adjustable method of controlling the amount of light that passes through the FAKRO window. Additionally, the aluminium slats are easy to clean and don’t absorb water, making them incredibly useful in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of high humidity.

FAKRO blackout blind

The primary function of a FAKRO blackout blind is to block any light from entering through a FAKRO roof window. The FAKRO blackout blind has been manufactured from a dense material that sits within aluminium side channels. The side channels have been designed to not only ensure the blackout blind moves smoothly up and down the window but also to prevent any light from leaking around the edges of the blind.

The FAKRO blackout blind is operated manually, using a control bar at the bottom of the blind to pull it up or down according to preference. The blackout blind can be stopped and secured at any point up the window, which allows maximum flexibility, and means that the blackout blind can also be used to restrict some light from entering the room without creating total darkness.

The blackout FAKRO blind is also a great way to control room temperature. Not only will it act as an extra barrier to prevent heat loss through the roof window, but it can also act as protection against the heat from the sun, preventing overheating from occurring. This will also minimise energy costs for heating and air conditioning units.

These rooms make FAKRO blackout blinds the perfect choice for bedrooms and playrooms. The complete darkness created by the blackout blind will help create the optimum environment for a good night’s sleep, even in summer evenings and during the day. 


Which colour FAKRO blind should I choose?

FAKRO has created a wide selection of different colours within their range of FAKRO blinds, and sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. However, there are certain rules when working with colour schemes that can help you choose the perfect blind for your home.

If you’re working with a relatively bright and neutral theme within your room, a beige, cream or white blind is a good choice. Choosing a similarly bright white and neutral FAKRO blind will have a minimal visual impact on the rest of the room, and provide some continuity.

With rooms that have a monochrome or grey theme running through, similar colours such as black, white and grey FAKRO blinds will work well. Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a contrasting colour, yellows and oranges are a great way to add a pop of colour and a point of interest.

For rooms where traditional wooden furniture and surfaces are a feature, you can either choose a darker, rich-coloured blind or opt for a bright white or cream FAKRO blind. By choosing a colour such as deep red or dark purple, you’re adding an element of comfort and luxury, whilst by choosing a lighter white coloured FAKRO blind you’ll brighten up the room, making it feel more open.

Bathrooms and hallways are often created with a maritime or nautical theme, and your FAKRO blind can replicate this. FAKRO has produced a range of blue-coloured blinds to match your maritime interior or provide a slight variation in colour. White and grey blinds can also work well within blue-themed rooms.

Pinks and purples are a great way to soften a room and add an element of comfort and warmth. Use pink and purple FAKRO blinds in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more. 

Adding a bright-coloured FAKRO blind to relatively plain-themed rooms can help to create a fun and bright environment. Bright yellows, reds, greens and blues are perfect for bedrooms, offices, playrooms and more.

If you have any questions or queries or you want to know more about FAKRO blinds and the most suitable blind for your latest project, Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call our team on 01752 692 760 or use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner and we will be more than happy to help.

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