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FAKRO windows are growing in popularity, due to their focus on sustainability, practicality and style.

Pitched roof windows from FAKRO are the perfect way to bring extra natural light into your home, helping to minimise energy bills, create a healthier home, and provide ventilation. FAKRO windows are also popular due to their range of glazing types, window opening types, and window sizes.

But which FAKRO window size do you need?

We’ve created a quick guide to FAKRO window sizes to take you straight to the windows you require.

Why are FAKRO window sizes important?

Three FAKRO roof windows in a loft.

FAKRO window sizes matter for a number of different reasons. This could be because of daylight requirements in the property or down to simple roof pitch restrictions which can affect the size of the window you choose.

When it comes to daylight, a higher roof window can provide a great deal of light into the room. Many roof windows can luckily be fitted to a roof pitch between 15° and 90°, but this can differ depending on the type of window. So this will affect the choice you make when choosing a roof window.

It’s also worth noting that the lower the roof pitch, the higher up the roof window will need to be. So ensure you know whether you want a small or large window when moving forward with a low-pitch roof.

With that in mind, let’s check out the different FAKRO window sizes you can choose from!

FAKRO window size guide

78cmFAKRO 78x55FAKRO 78x66
98cmFAKRO 98x55FAKRO 98x66FAKRO 98x78FAKRO 98x114FAKRO 98x134
118cmFAKRO 118x55FAKRO 118x66FAKRO 118x78FAKRO 118x94FAKRO 118x98FAKRO 118x114
140cmFAKRO 140x78FAKRO 140x94FAKRO 140x114FAKRO 140x134
160cmFAKRO 160x55FAKRO 160x78FAKRO 160x94

FAKRO windowDon’t forget, when purchasing a FAKRO roof window you also need the corresponding flashing kit. If you’re unsure of which FAKRO flashing kit you need, check out our FAKRO flashing guide for more information.


Need some help in choosing the best FAKRO roof window for your project? Feel free to call the team on 01752 692 760 or use the live chat – they will be more than happy to offer help and advice.

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