Chimney cowls, also known as chimney pots, fit to the top of chimney stacks and flues. They prevent or reduce downdraught and stop water ingress down the chimney. They also stop birds or other animals from entering the property via the chimney.

Installing an inexpensive chimney cowl can be the answer to many problems. Reducing costs in the long term by fixing these problems!

Chimney cowls come manufactured for gas fuel or solid fuels and some suit either type. Chimney cowls designed for either gas fuel or solid fuel chimneys are ‘multi-fuel cowls’. You can easily find the type of cowl it is, whether that may be a gas cowl or solid fuel cowl, in our range of chimney cowls.

Choose the chimney cowl which best suits your needs. Then choose the model which suits your budget the best too with our easy guide to chimney cowl prices. Brewer Cowls, Colt Cowls and WINDKAT are the best-known manufacturers of low-cost chimney cowls. So check out the types of products they offer.

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Cheapest chimney cowls and chimney pots

Some properties need a very basic chimney cover to perform one function on their property. For example, you may have an issue with birds nesting in your chimney. If you have this issue you can opt for the cheapest possible solution!

Find the cheapest solutions below for downdraught issues, water ingress, and preventing access to birds.

Cheapest chimney cowls for downdraught

Downdraught stops dangerous fumes and smoke from exiting up the chimney stack properly due to the flow of air. If the air isn’t circulating properly then smoke and fumes will remain in the property. A simple chimney cowl can prevent downdraught by forcing the air up and out using negative pressure.

Chimney cowlPrice from (Ex.VAT)
Colt Cowls Econocowl Anti-Downdraught Chimney Cowl £34.99

Cheapest chimney cowls for water ingress

Water trickling down a chimney stack will not necessarily cause problems straight away. In the short term, if you’re trying to burn wood, this can become damp and it won’t light.

In the long term if the water continues to come in it’ll eventually cause damp and masonry damage. This could be beyond the chimney stack itself with damp seeping into bedrooms that the chimney stack runs up and through.

Chimney cowlPrice from (Ex.VAT)
Brewer Cowls Round Chimney Capper with Strap Fix£16.29

chimney cowls for water ingress

Cheapest chimney cowls for stopping birds

It goes without saying that you don’t want a bird somehow coming down your chimney and into the front room. This isn’t the only problem though!

Birds see chimney stacks as a warm place to nest. By doing so, they block the flow of air out of the chimney, which is dangerous to the inhabitants due to fumes and smoke. They also drop feathers and droppings! So investing in a chimney pot cover is definitely worthwhile for preventing this issue.

Chimney cowlPrice from (Ex.VAT)
Brewer Cowls Birdguard Round Chimney Cowl with Strap Fix20.25

Chimney cowl and chimney pot prices by type

There are many types of chimney cowls and chimney pots available. They all depend on what you’re trying to achieve and what type of fuel you’re burning.

Try viewing multi-fuel chimney cowls, solid fuel chimney cowls, and gas fuel chimney cowls separately. This will make sure you’re not wasting time browsing a chimney cowl that won’t suit your fuel type.

Birdguard chimney cowl prices

Birdguard chimney cowls are a simple product. They keep birds from entering a chimney stack, without stopping the flow of air. These chimney cowls can also stop squirrels from entering the chimney stack.

How it works is they prevent creatures from entering the chimney stack by securing a raincap with a mesh surround over the chimney opening. Birdguards are available in 4 colours for multi-fuel, solid fuel and gas fuel chimneys.

Chimney cowl Price from (Ex.VAT)
Gas fuel Birdguard chimney cowl price£20.25
Solid fuel Birdguard chimney cowl price£18.21

Chimney capper prices

Also known as a chimney pot cap, a chimney cap is a low-cost way to cap off disused chimneys to prevent rainwater ingress. Water ingress will cause structural issues even if the chimney is no longer used. Chimney cappers allow for some ventilation. So investing in good quality chimney caps truly makes a difference.

Chimney cowl Price from (Ex.VAT)
Chimney Capper Chimney Cowls£13.08

Ultimate Flue Outlet chimney cowl prices

Ultimate flue outlet chimney cowls are designed for multi-fuel use, with just small adjustments needed for UFOs to be suited for use with solid fuels. UFOs come ready for immediate use for gas fuels with no adjustment necessary. Ultimate Flue Outlet is the brand name of Brewer Cowls, manufactured originally in 1995 for the prevention of downdraught.

Chimney cowl Price from (Ex.VAT)
Colt Cowls Rotorvent Turbolite Anti-Downdraught Chimney Cowl £158.39

Bonnet chimney cowl prices

Bonnet chimney cowls from Brewer Cowls are so named because they look just like a bonnet over the top of a chimney stack. Available in buff, terracotta or black, Bonnet chimney cowls are to be used on redundant chimney stacks to keep the ventilation going whilst preventing birds from entering the chimney or nesting.

Aspirotor chimney cowl prices

Aspirotor is a catch-all chimney cowl that offers a reduction in water ingress and limits access to birds. Its main function is to rotate in the wind to draw the air up and out of the chimney stack. Drawing air out the flue makes the fire more efficient and eliminates downdraught. It’s a multi-fuel product, suited to gas fuel or solid fuel fires.

Chimney cowl Price from (Ex.VAT)
Colt Cowls Rotorvent Turbolite Anti-Downdraught Chimney Cowl £158.39

Aerodyne chimney cowl prices

Aerodyne is designed to combat downdraught in solid fuel chimney stacks. Its unique shape means the air pressure drops so that fumes and smoke are drawn up and out of the chimney stack.

H Cowls chimney cowl prices

H Cowls are manufactured in their ‘H’ shape to combat downdraught in both gas fuel and solid fuel chimney stacks. It achieves this by forcing the downdraught to flow around 90-degree bends in the ‘H’ shape which dramatically reduces its ability to travel.

Chimney cowl Price from (Ex.VAT)
Traditional H Solid Fuel Chimney CowlPOA

Lobster Back chimney cowl prices

Lobster back chimney cowls are manufactured with a rotating head on the back of the stainless steel tube which rotates so it’s always got its back to the wind. This means fumes and smoke can be expelled properly without any downdraught.

Stealth chimney cowl prices

Stealth chimney cowls are designed to blend into their surroundings and form a good-looking chimney cowl that won’t stand out. The sleek design is aerodynamic for rotation on solid fuel fire chimney stacks to prevent downdraught.

Windmaster chimney cowl prices

Windmaster chimney cowls are very traditionally designed for multi-fuel use to combat severe downdraught. To select which fuel type you’d like your Windmaster chimney cowl to work with, opt for either gas fuel Windmaster cowls or solid fuel Windmaster cowls.

Spark arrestor chimney cowl prices

Spark arrestor chimney cowls do what they say on the tin! They prevent most sparks from emitting from the top of the chimney stack which is extremely important on timber frame properties or properties with thatched roofs.

Chimney cowl Price from (Ex.VAT)
Spark arrestor chimney cowl pricePOA

Now that you know the many different types of cowls, you may be wondering where you can find chimney pots for sale. Well, look no further than our Superstore! We have many for you to choose from. Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIYer or professional, we’re confident you can find something for you in our range.

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