Convert your unused rooftops and decks into stunning, long-lasting and practical areas with the help of Wallbarn’s new Universal pedestals. These new products are suitable for both paving slabs and timber decking, giving you an easy solution to apply.

Ground floor patio areas are prone to issues. One of the most common and frequent is that damp course can be compromised. Wallbarn Universal pedestals allow patios to be made flush with the house. This, in turn, prevents any issues with damp proofing. By raising the paving slabs, water can drain underneath so there is no standing water left on the surface. This prevents any slip hazards and ventilates the surface beneath.


You can hide unsightly objects such as cables, pipes and outlets underneath the slabs and decking. This can vastly improve the final aesthetics, as well as cover and protect unappealing-looking membranes.

Wallbarn Universal pedestals are available from 10mm up to 380mm. The pedestals are fully adjustable, meaning you can achieve millimetre precision and create a flat surface irrespective of any deformities on a slab. The pedestals can also support up to 1 tonne! So when you lay the slabs, the weight of the paving holds everything in place.

The Universal pads are also perfect for decking. Lugs are spaced to fit a standard 4” x 2” timber joist and can easily be snapped off if a larger joist is required. The decking boards are then fixed to the timber joists. Using the adjustable pedestals vastly speeds up installation time over cutting furrings to fit.


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