Green roofs are the future! They’re fantastically eco-friendly and provide a wealthy environment for wildlife. Not only can you obtain reliable sedum roofing direct from Roofing Superstore, but with Building Superstore you can have a trade account that offers the flexibility to buy products from all superstores in one place.

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CMOtrade has been a major supporter for many of our customers since its release. One of our success stories goes to a project we began to supply back in January 2020. Below you can follow the journey from research to installation! Take a look at the final product.

Wallbarn – Green roof case study

Stage 1: Product Research

This year (2020), one CMOtrade customer found themselves wanting to reap the benefits of a green roof system. Using their CMOtrade account, the customer searched for green roofs and came across a variety of options. In the end, they settled on Wallbarn, with help from the CMOtrade team.

Wallbarn offers a wide range of best-selling green roofing systems, ideal for those seeking a tidy and pleasant aesthetic look to their new green roof. Not only that, but it is easy to install and a dominant sedum plant that prevents the appearance of weeds. As a result, you can have that perfect, clean and green appearance.

In just a few clicks the order was made and the plan was set. A flat roofing system with green roofing.

Stage 2: The installation

25th August 2020 the new green roof arrived and the second stage of the building work could begin. The plan was simple – install a flat green roof with a rooflight. Luckily, the plan was a success and the now-finished old building could sit in line with the beautiful sea view. Here are some images of the process and finished green roof.

Note: Dimensions for this particular green roof are 9m x 2m, with the rooflight at 1m x 4m.

Stage 3: The final result

Once the green roof (above) had been finished, all that was left was to admire the results. The journey from CMOtrade to a fully fleshed-out green roof was a journey that lead to amazing results.

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