Vistalux corrugated PVC is a lightweight roofing and cladding sheet that is quick and easy to install. In order to make it as straightforward as possible, a guide outlining how to install Vistalux is available with an informative step-by-step process. Click here to download the guide.

How to install Vistalux roofing sheets

The Vistalux installation guide explains how to install PVC roof sheets on a car port or lean-to. However, the instructions can be applied to porches, awnings, gazebos and sheds. It includes a list of the tools and materials you’ll need, a checklist and important warranty details.

How to install Vistalux roofing sheetsHere are the basic steps for installation:

  1. Gather all the required materials
  2. Arrange the sheets loosely and cut to size
  3. Drill the sheets ready for fixing
  4. Install wall flashing at the top of the slope
  5. Fix the roofing sheets in place
  6. Join the sheets end to end with overlap

In addition to the PDF guide, the video below from Vistalux manufacturers Ariel Plastics follows a similar step-by-step installation of a car port project using the same techniques and tools.


Browse the full range of Vistalux PVC roofing sheets and accessories available, including fixings, wall flashings, polyethylene eaves fillers, adjustable ridge and sealing strip to match the various profile options.

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