If you’ve installed a VELUX window in your home, you’ll notice that it brings in an incredible amount of natural daylight. So it is important to keep it clean and in full working order to maximise its lifespan and keep your VELUX window working for as long as possible.

Many VELUX windows come with self-cleaning glazing, which is glass that has been created with an easy-to-clean and self-cleaning coating patented by VELUX, which minimises the amount of cleaning required, ensuring the VELUX window pane remains bright and clear from a build-up of dirt.  However, some VELUX windows do not have self-cleaning glazing, and even those that do may need an occasional clean.

How to clean a VELUX window

VELUX have designed their windows in a specific way. Ensuring that they can all be rotated into a 180-degree cleaning position so that the outer pane can be reached for cleaning purposes. To clean the pane of a VELUX window, the first step is to rotate the window 180 degrees – this is the same whether your window is top-hung, centre-pivot or a VELUX INTEGRA window. Once the window has been rotated, it needs to be secured into position. Do this by sliding the bolts at the bottom into the side frame. This will ensure the window remains in place, leaving both hands free for cleaning purposes.

To clean the pane of your VELUX window, VELUX recommend using one of the following products. This can be a clean, lint-free cloth, a non-abrasive sponge, or a non-metal squeegee designed specifically for windows. Clean water is normally the best cleaning substance for your VELUX window, but for more stubborn stains, non-abrasive household cleaners can be used. If you live in an area with hard water, adding a small amount of detergent is a great way to soften the water for improved cleaning.

Some top tips for cleaning the VELUX window pane include:

  • Do not use any cleaning products that contain abrasive particles
  • Don’t use chemical products to clean the pane
  • Don’t attempt to clean dirt from the pane without using water first
  • Avoid any sharp objects from coming into contact with the pane – including jewellery
  • Avoid silicone from coming into contact with the pane

Cleaning the air filter in your VELUX window

Keeping the air filter within your VELUX window clean helps to ensure that the air that enters through the VELUX window vent is clean and free from particulates. This makes the environment within your home as healthy as possible.

To clean the air filter, it needs to be removed from the window. Rotate the window into the 180-degree cleaning position as before, then simply remove the filter from the filter rail. Once it has been removed, it can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaners before being put back into the window.

Keeping VELUX flashings clear from debris

It is also important to remove leaves and other debris from the flashing which surrounds the window once or twice a year. This prevents blockages and build-up of debris, allowing rainwater to run away freely instead of being blocked up. Blockages can cause issues if not dealt with as soon as possible. To clear the flashing, simply open the window as much as possible. Then run a handheld brush around the window surrounds, ensuring any debris comes away.

Preventing condensation build-up on VELUX windows

You may start to notice condensation building up on your VELUX roof window. Condensation is simply a build-up of moisture. This occurs when warm moist air reaches a cooler surface and condenses from vapour into liquid. It is more common in winter when the temperature of the window is cooler. The warm moist air can be from cooking, cleaning, normal breathing, perspiration and more, but it is not always an issue.

To eliminate condensation from building up on your VELUX window, the most basic step is to limit the amount of water vapour produced and increase the amount of ventilation. To do this, regularly open the window to increase airflow, and add a heater or radiator below the window.

VELUX window maintenance

Ensuring your VELUX window remains well sealed, clean and functional will help to prolong its lifespan. Why not opt for a VELUX maintenance kit, which provides you with everything you need to keep your window in optimum condition. VELUX maintenance kits include air filters, lubricants and other accessories that are suitable for quick DIY tasks?

If you have any other questions about cleaning your VELUX window, don’t hesitate to get in touch – give our team of experts a call on 01752 692 760 or use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner and we will be happy to help.

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