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Ariel Plastics is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets and cladding. They have a wide variety of roofing, glazing, ventilation and cladding products in the UK. Whether you’re after cladding and fascia, PVC roof sheets, temporary protective sheeting, car canopies or other roofing products, Ariel Plastics can supply high quality and long-lasting goods.

Ariel Plastics roofing sheets

Roofing sheets by Ariel Plastics are designed with a variety of profiles, colours and sizes to ensure you have what you need for your project. Their lightweight feature means they can be easily transported, all the while still being an effective source of roofing. Choose from a range of tints, thicknesses and sheet sizes. You can also choose our cut to size option on selected products if you have specific requests.

Ariel Plastics cladding

Cladding by Ariel Plastics is designed with economical value in mind. The PVC cladding sheets are usable for walls and ceilings. They are also lightweight and come with various finishes, making them easy to clean and ideal for applications in out houses, garages, changing rooms and more.  

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