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SuperFOIL’s manufacturing methods have been developed extensively to make sure their products exceed expectations. Their familiarity with roofing insulation allows for them to take pride in being experts regarding all types of foil insulation. From over and under rafter to duet and flat roof, you can be sure to find the ideal product within their selection.

When considering foil insulation, it is important you know what you want and the desired cost. SuperFOIL does all they can to ensure customers are happy with their experience alongside their acquired items.

SuperFOIL foil tape is especially valuable for those in need of something to prevent air leakage. There are a wide variety of tapes and knowing what type of foil tape you need and when to use it can be important prior to application. Size, strength and material will play a vital role in your insulation.

Here you can find high-quality aluminium tape designed to work with SuperFOIL breather membrane products and more. You can take your pick of cold weather or standard, depending on how much insulation the building requires. Both have special factors that make them unique and features that make the similar. For instance, both cold weather and standard foil tape can improve energy performance. This means that you can choose a specific type to suit your needs and cost requirements.

Moving further with SuperFOIL products, the breather membrane solutions can be combined to ensure that each applied item is compatible and working to as high standard as possible. By manufacturing with felt, this can allow for further insulation while still allowing moisture to escape the property. It can also reduce the risk of condensation for the long term.

You can find out more about SuperFOIL products with the help of our customer service team at Roofing Superstore. Alternatively, don’t hesitate open the chat box in the bottom right to speak to our experts in roofing.

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