Redland Westminster Clay Roof Tiles

Westminster Slate clay tiles are new from Redland in three classic colours, City Black, Cardinal Red and Old College Red. The single lap interlocking flat clay tiles have a large format but feature a tapered leading edge for a thin appearance and hidden interlock. Suitable for pitches as low as 17.5°, this range offers an attractive clay roof tile system across domestic properties with complementary fittings, hip, and ridge tiles all available.

Redland Westminster Slate clay tiles installation

Here at Roofing Superstore we are proud to offer a range of Redland Westminster clay roof tiles. All universal dry hip systems are compatible with Westminster Slate clay tiles however hips can be mortar bedded and mechanically fixed as an alternative. The same applies to ridge tiles, they can be dry fixed or mortar bedded and mechanically fixed. Verges are mortar bedded for Westminster Slate clay tiles and Westminster Slate clay tiles themselves are fixed with stainless steel nails or Innofix clips, with a combination of both being used dependent on how exposed the site is. Westminster Slate clay tiles are compatible with all Redland eaves ventilation products. An 8.8k Westminster Slate ThruVent is available alongside main slate tiles, left hand verge slate tiles, left hand half slate tiles, and right hand half slate tiles.

Not sure if Redland Westminster Slate clay tiles are compatible with your roofing project? Whether it’s a query regarding pitch, size or aesthetics contact our helpline on 01752 692 760 to speak with a roofing expert about your project.

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