Redland Clay Roof Tiles

Redland clay roof tiles are manufactured to the highest standard for installation in over 50 countries. Over 90 years of expertise goes into every tile Redland produces and clay roof tiles are no exception. With a diverse range of colours and aesthetics to choose from, choosing Redland clay roof tiles means you get your pick of 7 different clay tile profiles. From the traditional Rosemary Clay Classic to the more modern Fontenelle Interlocking Clay Tile, your style can be catered for. View the full guide to Redland’s clay plain tile range of their clay profiled tile range.

Rosemary Clay Classic

Rosemary Clay Classic is one of Redland’s most popular clay tile thanks to their attractive profile. Available in a range of weathered, brindled and single colours, Rosemary Clay Classic tiles mellow in colour with age, increasing their look of authenticity as they grow older. Installation can be down to a 35° pitch with 60 tiles per m2 if the pitch is below 90°. The maximum pitch for Rosemary Clay Classic is 90°, with 52 tiles covering 1m2 at this slope. These gorgeous tiles are available in Red, Light Mixed Brindle, Medium Mixed Brindle, Heather Brindle, Blue Brindle, Burnt Blend, Russet Mix and Dark Antique so you can find a perfect colour match for your exterior finishing.

Rosemary Clay Craftsman

Designed to give the look of handmade clay tiles, Rosemary Clay Craftsman tiles feature distortion across the front edge to give an authentic, rustic look. Combined with a varying hanging length, ornamental tiles can be purchased to finish off the ridge with a distinctive look. Choose from four classic colours (Foxwood, Hawkhurst, Albury and Victorian) to create a traditional clay roof without the cost of hand-made tiles.

Cathedral Clay Pantile

In either Terracotta or Brindle, Cathedral Clay Pantiles are a great addition to the range from Redland. The clay tiles have all the traditional appeal of clay tiles with the modern day conveniences of being an interlocking system. Easy to handle and install, the minimum pitch for these tiles is 22.5° with a 61mm headlap and 30° with a 51mm headlap. The distinctive and historic looking profile afforded to homes topped with Cathedral Clay Pantiles slowly mellows with age, becoming a feature of the surrounding environment and continuing to compliment the external building.

Fontenelle Interlocking Clay Plain Tile

Fontenelle Interlocking Clay Plain Tiles are designed to reduce installation times and in turn reduce your costs thanks to their simple interlocking fixing system. This affordable system requires just 19.6 tiles per m2 so you don’t need to compromise on style to stay within budget. The minimum pitch is just 20° with a 321mm hanging length, guaranteeing a great looking roof for less. Fontenelle Interlocking Clay Plain Tiles can be purchased in the original 82 Brindle colour or the newly created 79 Black and 80 Red.

Old Hollow Clay Pantile

Old Hollow Clay Pantiles are an affordable clay tile that leaves an authentic rustic finish. Opt for Vintage Blue or Vintage Red in this classic tile style and the traditional single pantiles rolls and troughs will enhance the effect of your roof, adding charm and character. Old Hollow Clay Pantiles are the perfect pick for farmhouses and rustic buildings, requiring no more than 16.4 tiles per m1.

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