Sandtoft 20/20

The Sandtoft 20/20 range of clay roof tiles is considered a new generation of clay tiles, making clay roofing more affordable through its innovative design. 

The 20/20 range has a range of benefits and consists of interlocking tiles, which have been manufactured from natural clay that has been known to withstand even the more extreme weather conditions.

The interlocking feature of Sandtoft 20/20 tiles reduces the necessary labour and materials, which helps keep costs down to a minimum. Additionally, when compared with traditional plain clay tiles, the 20/20 roof tiles save 50% CO2 emissions. 

The 20/20 roof tile gives you plenty of choices too. There are a number of different colour options available, including Tuscan, Natural Red, Flanders and Antique slate.


Products in Sandtoft 20/20:

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