A soaker is a weatherproofing product that has been designed to sit between a tile and an object that protrudes from the roof. This object can be anything from a chimney stack to a ventilation pipe, and more. Where the roof meets the protrusion, a soaker is installed. The soaker will be fitted underneath the tile but will rise up the edge of the object to prevent water from entering the roof space and causing damage to the roof structure.

Using a soaker this way means that water should run down the join of the tiles and the soaker, running off into the gutter installed at the roofline.

Roof soakers are traditionally made of lead but as newer, stronger materials are made soakers are commonly manufactured from GRP, zinc and polypropylene too. These all serve as alternative products to lead, which have no resale value so are unappealing to would-be thieves.

Below you'll find left-hand soakers, right-hand soakers, dry soakers for interlocking tiles and many big-name manufacturers. Our expertly trained team are on hand to provide assistance on 01752 692760 should you need them.


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