Flat Roof Kerb Extensions

Here at Roofing Superstore we have a number of flat roof kerb extensions available at our famously competitive prices, from well known and reputable brands in the roof window industry, including FAKRO and VELUX. 

What is a flat roof kerb?

Flat roof kerbs can also be used to install a pitch roof window onto a flat roof. The flat roof kerb creates an angle to which the pitch roof window can be installed, as if it was a pitched roof.  This gives you a much wider range of choice for your roof window, from top hung or centre pivot, to double, triple or even quad glazed, and with a number of different tint and operating options. 

A flat roof kerb tends to consist of a housing, with insulating material attached, and a flashing kit. The roofing materials simply needs to be placed over the housing, and the flashing kit is used to affix the window to the housing. 

What is a flat roof kerb extension?

A flat roof kerb extension lifts a roof window on a flat roof above the roofline, which allows for maximum light ingress into the room below, as well as creating more of a feature with the roof window. Additionally, a flat kerb extension can be used when installing a sedum roof, to ensure the rooflight is above the layer of vegetation, to allow maximum light to enter the room and prevent the vegetation from blocking the light.

If you have any questions regarding flat roof kerbs and flat roof kerb extensions, feel free to call the team on 01752 692760, or use the live chat – they will be more than happy to offer any help or advice. 

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