VELUX Curved Glass Rooflights

VELUX curved glass rooflights are the latest addition to VELUX’s stunning range of rooflights, due to be launched in Spring 2017. Designed for flat roofs, the windows are better looking on the outside thanks to their curved shape, whilst providing a better view from the inside. Rainwater runs off these curved windows every time, even when installed at a 0° pitch. This means you’re guaranteed a good view with glass-to-edge design offering uninterrupted views and lots of daylight.

Available in 8 sizes, VELUX curved glass rooflights are manufactured from 3 layers of glass for great energy performance and a level of sound insulation too. These manufacturing elements are combined with a PVC frame so VELUX curved glass rooflights can offer fantastic thermal insulation. These glass roof windows also have the added advantage of being compatible with awning blinds for discrete indoor heat protection, meaning you’re able to maintain your ideal indoor temperature more easily.

VELUX curved glass rooflights come as fixed, closed windows or can be electrically controlled to open. You can programme one or multiple windows into a single remote control pad, allowing you to operate these windows simultaneously or individually. You’re in full control of each window you install but if the pre-fitted sensor detects rain your windows will automatically close, protecting your home.

How are VELUX curved glass rooflights installed?

These attractive curved glass flat roof windows are installed in the same way as other VELUX flat roof windows. They use the same base units as the existing range so there’s no need to learn new methods of installation, perfect for builders and installers to increase their offering for their customers.

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