Roofing Tape

Here at Roofing Superstore we stock a range of roofing tape for commercial, construction and home use, whether you’re sealing insulation panels, overlaps between roofing membranes, repairing roofing sheets and more.

Foil tape

For use as a vapour barrier between insulation panels that are foil faced in roofs and walls, use foil tape. This is self adhesive, heat and light reflective, and can be moulded to any profile, with high strength and durability. It can also be used to seal ducts on air conditioning, and protecting wires and pipes from heat. Sealing edges of multifoil insulation with foil tape can also be beneficial to further increase the insulation levels.

Double sided tape

When sealing overlaps between membranes and sealing membranes onto smooth surfaces,double sided tapes are useful, and work well even when humidity levels are high. 

Butyl tape

Butyl tape is most often used to seal holes created when nails are used to attach underlays to the roofing structure, and for sealing underlays, air barriers or vapour control layers to smooth and rough surfaces without the need for nails.

Weatherproof tape

Weatherproof tape is a great choice of flashing tape when looking to repair PVC or polythene sheets, repairing cracks in glass and acrylic, and more. It has aggressive adhesive to ensure strength and durability, and can be purchased clear to prevent obscuring light or vision.

Breather membrane tape

If installing a breather membrane, we stock a selection of breather membrane tape. This is hot melt, pressure sensitive tape that can be integrated with breather membrane to affix it between sheets or to other surfaces to create an airtight and rainproof seal

Duct tape and gaffer tape

Duct tape and gaffer tape are great multipurpose, pressure sensitive tapes that can be used in a range of ways across construction, commercial and home use, with fabric reinforcement to increase strength.


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