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Chalk lines are essential in many different forms of building work, from roofing and construction to carpentry and more. Chalk lines are used to mark straight lines between two points, by transferring chalk from the string or tape onto the surface when it is pulled taut and then snapped towards the surface. For useful chalk lines, you need useful chalk line tools. 

In roofing, chalk lines are most commonly used to install your own shingles, to chalk out the horizontal and vertical lines. Once these have been created, you can install shingles along the chalk lines to ensure they are in line and the roof is installed flush. However they can also be used in a variety of other ways.

As well as supplying a range of chalk lines that provide easy grip and easy use to create exact chalk lines we also have a range of chalk refill bottles that have chalk in a range of colours and chalk string lines too. Blue chalk powder is most commonly used on wood, plastic and metal surfaces, whereas yellow chalk powder works best on brickwork, plastic and metal but is less contrasting on wood. However, its worth bearing in mind that yellow, red, black and fluorescent chalk powders are permanent so will not wash away in the rain, but blue and white chalk powder is not permanent.

Whichever chalk line you require, don’t forget to give our expert team a ring on 01752 692 760 for any queries, questions or advice on your project.


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