Tarpaulin is a fantastic product and essential for many building sites. There are a range of different tarpaulin to choose from, but sizes can vary depending on the type you need. Check out below for a guide to tarpaulin sizes to ensure you’re set to go ahead with your latest construction project!

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What is tarpaulin?

Tarpaulin is a material typically used in DIY projects and landscaping applications. Due to the different types available, including multi-purpose tarpaulin, the material can be used for protecting and securing:

  • Materials
  • Aggregates
  • Garden furniture

They also come in a range of colours! So whether you want to organise projects by colour or simply focus on the durability of the material, tarpaulin has you covered.

Tarpaulin sizes

There are a variety of tarpaulin sizes to choose from. There are sizes from 5m x 3m all the way up to 11m x 7m! This can provide total coverage of 15m² to 77m². Although typically you can choose to combine tarpaulins with fixings for a larger area coverage – such as 100m²!

How do you calculate tarpaulin sizes for coverage?

If you are ever unsure how much coverage you’ll get out of a piece of tarpaulin, typically an easy method of calculation is the classic length by width. This way you can have a rough idea of the total coverage you can achieve from a specific size of tarpaulin.

Length x Width = Total Coverage 

If you would like more information about tarpaulin, check out our ‘Tarpaulin buyer’s guide‘.

Is there a standard size of tarpaulin?

Typically you can find tarpaulin that is made for specific uses. Larger sizes might be used for bigger areas and smaller areas with smaller size tarpaulin.

Poly tarpaulin waterproof with eyelets

Tarpaulin LengthWidthCoverage
Poly Tarpaulin Waterproof & Tear Resistant with Eyelets 5m7m35m²
Poly Tarpaulin Waterproof & Tear Resistant with Eyelets6m4m24m²
Poly Tarpaulin Waterproof with Eyelets11m7m77m²

Flame retardant tarpaulin

Flame Retardant Tarpaulin in White1.8m2.4m4.32m²
200gsm Flame Retardant Tarpaulin in White2.7m3m8.1m²
Flame Retardant Tarpaulin in White 3.6m6m21.6m²
Flame Retardant Tarpaulin in White 3m7.5m22.5m²
Flame Retardant Tarpaulin in White6m12m72m²
Flame Retardant Tarpaulin in White9m15m135m²

Heavy-duty tarpaulin

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Green/Brown10m11m110m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Green/Brown4m4m16m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Green/Brown 5m6m30m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Green/Brown6m8m48m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Black/Silver4m5m20m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Black/Silver7m10m70m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Black/Silver8m8m64m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Black/Silver9m12m108m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Sheet in Green/Brown 4m8m32m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Black/Silver4m10m40m²
Heavy Duty Tarpaulin in Black/Silver6m6m36m²

Economy tarpaulin

Economy Tarpaulin in Blue12m20m240m²
Economy Tarpaulin in Blue9m14m126m²
Economy Tarpaulin in Blue - Pack of 3 Sheets5.4m7m37m²
Economy Tarpaulin in Blue - Pack of 2 Sheets7m11m77m²
Economy Tarpaulin in Blue - Pack of 2 Sheets7m9m63m²
Economy Tarpaulin in Blue - Pack of 5 Sheets4.5m6m27m²

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