The gutter repair guide

Leaking gutters are the last thing you need. Whether the cause is rust, objects hitting the guttering system or general wear and t...

DIY Difficulty Level 3

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The essential gutter size guide for your home

Whether you’re in the process of building your new dream home or renovating your trusted old one, you’re going to need a high-...

DIY Difficulty Level 2

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External cladding buyer's guide

External cladding is great for the appearance of your building but that's not all. You can use it to protect against weather condi...

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A guide to fascia & soffit

When it comes to fascias and soffits, it's important to get these components right for the functionality of the roof and for the l...

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What is cladding?

Cladding is becoming an increasingly popular building material for use on new builds and renovation projects, and here at Roofing ...

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