How to install lead flashing on a rendered wall

Lead flashing offers a great way to create a long-lasting, weathertight seal between joints on roof valleys and walls or around ch...

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Milled lead vs cast lead

Lead flashing is a common material used in building projects for a variety of purposes, including repairs and waterproofing. Howev...

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How to look after your lead flashing

Lead flashing is an integral part of virtually any roofing project. So, no roof is complete without it. Now: You may have he...

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How to cut and fit lead flashing

Lead flashing is an integral part of the construction process of a building and has been used for hundreds of years to create a wa...

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Price of lead

The price of lead flashing tends to vary greatly depending on whether one roll of 3m flashing or 100 rolls of 3m flashing is n...

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Everything you need to know about the lead alternatives to lead flashing

Lead roofing jobs can be expensive to install and costly to maintain. The value of scrap lead has slowly been increasing which is ...

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Everything you need to know about Ubiflex non-lead flashing

Lead flashing has been used for years to prevent the ingress of water into joints, acting as a weather-resistant barrier on buildi...

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Which lead code do I need for my project?

Most lead applications fail when the roofing lead codes used are the incorrect size, often when they're applied in sheets that are...

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What lead flashing alternatives are available to use?

If you are unable to use regular lead flashing for your project, there is a wide range of lead flashing alternatives available fro...

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What is Code 4 lead flashing used for?

Code 4 lead flashing is used for a range of roofing applications, including soakers, flashings, and vertical cladding. How thic...

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Upgrade your lead flashing fixing clips with HallClip+

Exclusive to Roofing Superstore, check out the HallClip+ from Genius Roof Solutions. Its design will help you fit chase joints eve...

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Cut to size Calder lead

We supply milled lead that is cut to order specific to your roofing lead requirements. Lead sheet is a proven, long-life building ...

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