Exclusive to Roofing Superstore, check out the HallClip+ from Genius Roof Solutions. Its design will help you fit chase joints even more quickly. Instead of the traditional method of balling up scrap lead and inserting it with a hammer in chase joints.

You may have heard of the original HallClip. A product designed to fit chase joints 6mm-18mm. Now you can fit HallClip+, which fits 16mm-26mm joints.

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How to use the HallClip+

Fitting the Hallclip+ is super simple. To fit the clip, hammer it into place with the embossed ‘H’ facing upwards. It grips lead in place in seconds to secure it for you to dress it with ease.

Faster installation can save you labour costs, and the lead wedge replacement is only £9.99 ex VAT for a pack of 25.

As a result, this makes it cost-effective. You must fit at least one hall clip per step, but a 25-pack of these fixing clips will fix up to 10 linear meters.

Is the original HallClip still available?

Indeed, it is! You can find our HallClip packs right here at Roofing Superstore. Whether you’re a tradesperson or DIYer, we’ve got you covered with a range of lead fixing clips to choose from and more.

HallClip+ clip

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