If you are unable to use regular lead flashing for your project, there is a wide range of lead flashing alternatives available from which to choose. These alternatives come from trusted roofing brands such as Ubbink, Klober, Deks and Cromar.

Lead flashing alternatives come in a variety of thicknesses and roll sizes. They are available to suit all needs, so you can purchase exactly what you require with no fuss. Lead flashing alternatives are typically manufactured from a polymer rubber with a metal grid inside. This offers slightly more rigidity, whilst keeping the product malleable.

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What are the benefits of lead flashing alternatives?

There are multiple benefits of using lead flashing alternatives, which have contributed to their growth in popularity. First, they are often much quicker and easier to handle, reducing the time needed for their application. They are lightweight, easily cut with knives or scissors, and are often self-adhesive. Lead alternatives are also cheaper than lead, with much more stable pricing.

Due to the rising cost of lead over the last 10–15 years, theft of the material has become more common. In areas where this is particularly problematic, the use of alternatives to lead has increased significantly. These alternative products have even been used to tackle squirrels wearing down lead detailing!

What applications can I use lead flashing alternatives for?

Generally speaking, lead flashing alternatives can be used anywhere that lead flashing would traditionally be installed. This includes stepped flashings, chimney flashings and saddle valleys, as well as guttering, valleys and dormers. For example, where you would typically use Code 4 lead for window flashings, you could use Easy Lead self-adhesive lead alternative.

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Examples of lead flashing alternatives

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