The price of lead flashing tends to vary greatly depending on whether one roll of 3m flashing or 100 rolls of 3m flashing is needed. The prices below have been collated to give you a better idea of current lead prices. The prices below are updated every 24 hours so you can be sure of their accuracy. Each length of lead flashing roll is priced accordingly and as a supplier Roofing Superstore updates their prices daily so we can be sure you’re getting the best possible price passed on to you. Use our cut-to-size lead flashing service to get what you need delivering wherever you need it, without waste or cutting. Do you know which thickness of lead you need? Our guide will show you.


3m lead flashing roll  Ex. VAT price from 6m lead flashing roll  Ex. VAT price from
Code 3 Lead Price £8.96 Code 3 Lead Price £20.16
Code 4 Lead Price £20.16 Code 4 Lead Price £26.88
Code 5 Lead Price £24.64 Code 5 Lead Price £33.60
Code 6 Lead Price £31.36 Code 6 Lead Price £60.48
Code 7 Lead Price £40.48 Code 7 Lead Price £71.68
Code 8 Lead Price £45.05 Code 8 Lead Price £80.64

Price of lead alternatives

Using a lead alternative can make a roofing project cheaper and quicker since lead alternatives are lighter, less expensive and easier to install than traditional lead flashing. The other benefits of lead flashing alternatives include that you don’t need an experienced lead roofer to install it, making the job of fitting it less costly too. Lead alternatives are designed to look like lead so they can be installed in the place of lead without people being any the wiser.

Lead alternative  Ex. VAT price from
Ubiflex Lead Alternative Price £28.33
FormFlash Lead Alternative Price £57.20
Wakaflex Lead Alternative Price £37.08
EasyFlash Lead Alternative Price £28.54
Klober Easy-Form Plus Lead Alternative Price £47.14
Deks Perform Lead Alternative Price £31.10
Easy Lead Self Adhesive Lead Alternative Price £16.80
Led-A-Flex Lead Alternative Price £25.00
Lead-Free Plus Lead Alternative Price £18.45
Fast Flash Lead Alternative Price £59.02


Our customer service advisers are on hand to give you advice on which lead flashing or lead flashing alternative is best for your project or application. Contact them using our live chat in the bottom right-hand corner, or call 01752 692 760 for more.

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