FAKRO logoIf you’re looking for reliable, high quality yet budget-friendly roof windows for your latest project, whether it is an extension, a garage conversion, or a new build, FAKRO produce a wide range of pitched roof windows to choose from. From more traditional centre-pivot windows to top-hung windows, side opening escape windows and more, there are plenty of variations to choose from. Take a look at our FAKRO roof windows size chart for more information on the different types and sizes of FAKRO windows available.

fakro-flashing-elv-elj-slateWhen purchasing a FAKRO roof window, you’ll also require the correct FAKRO flashing products. Window flashings are a piece of material that is fitted around the window, to prevent water and wind from entering the roof space.

But which flashing do you need for your FAKRO window? This can vary depending on the type of window you are opting for and the type of roof tile on your roof. So we’ve broken it down below so you can find the correct FAKRO flashing to go with your FAKRO window more easily.

FAKRO window flashings guide

Window TypeTile Type
90mm tile45mm tileSlatePlain TileRecessed SlateRecessed Tile
Centre Pivot & Top HungEHN-A (Standard)EZV-A (Standard)ELV (Standard)EPV (Standard)ELJ (Standard)EPJ (Standard)
High Pivot-EZV-A (Standard)----
ConservationEHN-A/C (Standard)EZV-A/C (Standard)ELV/C (Standard)EPV/C (Standard)ELJ/C (Standard)EPJ/C (Standard)
Side Hung Escape------
DuetEHN-A (Duet)EZV-A (Duet)ELV (Duet)EPV (Duet)-EHN-A/C (Duet)
Low PitchedEHA (Standard)EZA (Standard)ESA (Standard)---
Smoke Ventilation------

If you need any help finding the right flashing or FAKRO roof window for your project, extension or new build, feel free to call our team of experts on 01752 692 760 or use the live chat on our website – they will be more than happy to offer help and advice.

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