Roof batten sizes can be difficult to understand without knowing what each measurement can typically mean. Below you can find a list of battens and their sizes to guide you through your search for the ideal products.

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Roof batten sizes

Timber roof battens, when it comes to sizes, can vary. This is because many are locally sourced. So the length of roof battens, in particular, can typically be as short or as long as required.

If you order the total linear meterage required, the timber will be provided in lengths available. Additionally, you may be provided blue or red batten because of material shortages. These still comply with BS5534.



BattenLength (*=from) Thickness Width(*=from)Colour
25mm x 38mm Blue Treated Roofing Batten - per Linear Metre*3600mm25mm38mmBlue
25mm x 50mm Blue Treated Timber Roofing Batten - per Linear Metre*3600mm25mm50mmBlue
25mm x 50mm Treated Counter Batten - Price per Linear Metre3600mm50mm25mmNatural
25mm x 50mm Red Treated Premium Sawn Timber Batten - 4.8m4800mm25mm50mmRed
25mm x 50mm Red Treated Roofing Batten BS 5534 - 4.8m (Bundle of 10)4800mm25mm50mmRed

C16 timber sizes

C16 timber is commonly used in floors and roof joists in internal building work. It’s also typically chosen as the standard timber for roof extensions or joist refurbishment. This is because it is the most cost-effective internal structural timber.

Note that this particular timber is kiln-dried certified to comply with the criteria of strength grade C16. These requirements also request the timber to be machine graded, with the number of knots, the slope of the grain and fissures in the timber being considered.

C16 timber lengthC16 timber widthC16 timber thickness

For guidance regarding C16 timber roof batten prices, head over to our roof batten and board prices guide for a comprehensive list.

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