Roof Battens & Timber Board

At Roofing Superstore, we’re proud to bring you a wide selection of high-quality roof battens, timber and loft boards. Roofing battens are often classified in colours to indicate which quality grade they've passed. Blue roof batten for example signifies it's met the strength requirements of BS 5534 2003 + A1: 2010. This means the tile batten meets all UK tile company specifications. Roofing Superstore offers C16 timber and C24 timber approved for use in internal building work and use in timber roofing projects. 

Roof batten and roof timber is widely used in domestic, commercial, industrial and residential projects across the UK. This is why we ship directly to your site so by ordering just a couple of days in advance you can carry on with your timber project with no disruptions. Order quickly and easily then sit back and wait for your delivery exactly where you need your roof timber. 

If you need to check some facts with us, or you'd like advice on the products on offer call our knowledgeable team on 01752 692760 and they’ll have all the information you need. 

Products in Roof Batten & Timber:

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Showing 1-36 of 48