Ariel Plastics offers two full ranges of corrugated bituminous sheets: Coroline and Onduline. Both are ideal for external roofing applications, including stables and sheds. There is a selection of colour options, as well as stylish miniature profiles, making them an excellent choice for garden roofing. However, each product comes with its unique qualities. So what’s the difference between Coroline and Onduline corrugated sheets?

The main difference between Coroline and Onduline corrugated sheets

The biggest difference between Coroline and Onduline corrugated sheets is weight, followed by thickness and price point. Both products are heavier duty than lower quality counterparts available on the market, however, Onduline is slightly heavier (3.3kg/m2 compared to 2.9kg/m2). It is also thicker (3mm compared to 2.6mm). When considering projects on taller buildings, builds where the roof sheets will be exposed or where there is a higher wind loading, Onduline is the more substantial product in these conditions.

Our lowest price black Onduline sheet is around £1.60 more than its Coroline equivalent. Onduline is also BBA approved, whereas Coroline is not. Although not an issue for the type of applications normally associated with these roof sheets, it may occasionally be a factor.

Where Coroline and Onduline are the same

Other than the points mentioned above, there is very little difference between these superior roof sheets.

Onduline roofing sheets

Onduline and Coroline sheets are both tough roofing and cladding materials. They are manufactured from bitumen-saturated organic fibres. These fibres have been exposed to intense pressure and heat, helping to provide long-lasting durability. A 15-year waterproofing guarantee is available on both products.

Both ranges offer excellent colour retention properties. This is thanks to a colour pigment and resin impregnation process that ‘stains’ the colour into the sheet, which is used to finish the products. Enhanced UV resistance is another benefit as a result of this process.

Both sheets are available in four colours: black, brown, green and red. The translucent PVC sheet provides an economical way of gaining light transmission through your roof. The hard-wearing material is free from asbestos and is non-toxic. This delivers an environmentally friendly and attractive solution for domestic roofing projects and commercial and agricultural buildings. A range of matching accessories including polythene eaves fillers, verge and ridge pieces and fixings are available.

The table below highlights sheet properties in Coroline, Onduline Classic and Onduline Mini.

PropertiesCoroline Onduline ClassicOnduline mini
Sheet size2000 x 950mm2000 x 950mm2000 x 866mm
Cover width855mm855mm768mm
Sheet weight5.6kg6.4kg5.38kg
Material weight2.9kg/m23.4kg/m23.3kg/m2
Corrugation38mm height
95mm width
38mm height
95mm width
24mm height
48mm width

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