A conservatory is a lovely addition to your home, which allows you to make the most of the sunshine even when it’s cold outside.

But as with any other part of your home, things can and occasionally do go wrong. Here, it tends to be a leaking conservatory roof during the stormy season.

When that happens, you start wondering what to do if your conservatory is leaking and asking yourself:

How do I deal with a leaky conservatory? Can a conservatory roof be repaired?

The good news is:

Indeed it can, and you can usually do it yourself with the help of our comprehensive guide on how to fix a leaking conservatory roof.

Let’s dive in.

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Why is my conservatory roof leaking?

A conservatory leak might seem like a trivial issue that’s only mildly irritating. However, that’s far from the case.

In fact:

If left unchecked, roof leaks have the potential to cause serious structural deformation over time, which will cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds to repair.

So, it’s vital to detect roof leaks early enough and to fix them as soon as possible. Starting with the underlying causes.


A conservatory roof is typically made from polycarbonate panels, which can move around or slide over time – especially if they haven’t been installed properly in the first place. When that happens, water can find its way through the small gaps and start dripping inside.

That’s the most common cause of plastic conservatory roof leaks, and we’ll take a closer look at how to fix a leaking conservatory roof due to slipped panels in the next station.


Faulty guttering resulting from cracks or simply due to wear and tear might also lead to a leaking conservatory roof. This is an indirect cause, and your conservatory roof is simply collateral damage. The solution here is to closely examine your guttering and fix the issues.

Alternatively, faulty conservatory flashing could be the culprit. If it’s damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to replace it. If not, ensure it’s securely fitted across all joins and free from any dirt.

How do you fix a leaking roof without replacing it?

As we mentioned earlier, most conservatory leaks are caused by slipping or sliding conservatory roofing sheets.

The good news is:

There’s a quick and easy solution to this. You don’t even require any fancy tools! In fact, all you need is a silicone gun and some silicone or conservatory roof seals as well as a step ladder.

With that in mind, here’s how to repair a leaking conservatory roof in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Locate the problematic conservatory roof panel

Once you’re up on the house roof, look for a small gap on the top end of the conservatory polycarbonate roof panels to locate the one which has dropped.

Step 2: Remove the aluminium trims

Using your hands, carefully lift the aluminium trims to remove them. Always start from one end and work your way to the other. This is fairly straightforward since conservatory trims are designed to clip in with a seam down the middle, making them easy to fit and take off.

Step 3: Remove the panel

Take the panel out, dry off any moisture on it and put it on one side. Then, get down to the conservatory, place the step ladder under the opening and climb up.

Pro tip: As you’ll no doubt notice once you’ve done it, polycarbonate panels are very easy to lift once you’ve taken the trims off, which makes them a security hazard. Consider replacing yours with conservatory glass roof panels, which last longer, provide better protection from burglars and are more energy efficient.

Step 4: Apply silicone

Apply an even bead of silicone or sealant for conservatory roof all the way along the upper trim where the panel normally rests.


Apply a bit of silicone on the lower trim. Here, you don’t need a continuous bead– just a couple of inches on either side. This should be enough to make sure the panel doesn’t move around in case of strong winds.

5. Replace the panel

Put the panel back into place, taking extra care not to knock off the silicone sealant. If your conservatory panels are larger, you might need an extra pair of hands to do this safely.

6. Replace the trims

Press the aluminium trims into place with your hands. Alternatively, you can use a rubber mallet to knock them in but be careful not to leave any black marks!

Either way, make sure you don’t step on the actual panels, as this may result in cracks. You can lean on the aluminium struts if necessary.

7. Apply silicone on top

Once you’re satisfied the panel is firmly in place, put another continuous bead of silicone across the top edge of the panel, just like you did underneath it.

That’s your conservatory roof repairs taken care of!

You can find out more about fitting polycarbonate panels in various settings in our handy guide.

Conservatory leak repair cost


If the conservatory roof leak is caused by a sliding panel, the repairs will cost you virtually nothing.

However, if other conservatory roof parts are to blame, such as roof vents, you might need to replace them with brand-new ones. Here, the cost depends on the brand and material you choose, plus any relevant installation costs.

Worst case scenario:

If you need to replace your entire conservatory roof, you should be prepared to fork out anywhere between £6,300 and a whopping £22,500 on average depending on the size and material (glass roofs are more expensive).

A considerable outlay – and yet another important reason to do your best to detect conservatory roof leaks early on and fix them straight away!

Is a leaking conservatory roof covered by insurance?

Axgard Clear 8mm UV Protected Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet

If you’re planning on building a new conservatory, make sure you inform your insurer. So long as you’ve done that, any sudden damage, including roof leaks, should be covered by your home insurance.

A word of caution, though:

If the leak is simply the cause of long-term wear and tear, this might not be the case. If in doubt, always contact your insurer as soon as the damage occurs.

And on that note…

Final thoughts

Your conservatory comes with many benefits, such as increasing the price of your property, connecting your house to the garden and giving you an extra room.

At the end of the day, it’s an integral part of your home, which is why you need to look after it. This involves various types of damage, such as a leaking conservatory roof, which is one of the most common and annoying issues you’re likely to face.

Luckily, now that you know how to fix a leaking conservatory roof, you’re well prepared to tackle this challenge quickly and efficiently.

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