You’ve recently purchased VELUX blinds for your VELUX roof windows, but how do you fit them?

When purchasing a VELUX blind for your window, one of the most appealing things is the ease and simplicity of the installation process. VELUX has created a unique and trademarked “Pick&Click” system, which helps you to fit your VELUX blind in minutes!

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How to fit a VELUX blind

Each VELUX roof window is supplied with brackets. VELUX blinds simply click into these brackets, and then all you need to do is mount the side rails. Once this is done, your new VELUX blind will be in place, it’s as simple as that.

  1. First, click the blind into place, using the mounting brackets situated at the top of the window.
  2. Then screw fittings into the bottom of the window frame, on the left and right-hand sides. These will allow you to mount the side rails – you will hear a click once these are on properly.
  3. Once the click is heard, the side rails can be screwed in.
  4. Then pull the red retaining clip off, and pull the string to the bottom.
  5. Remove the circular element, and click the other part into the screw at the bottom. Repeat for the second side.
  6. Lastly, remove the retaining clips which are at the top of the window, and your blind should be ready to operate.

How to fit an electric VELUX blind

Electrically operated VELUX blinds follow the same installation processes. The only difference is that the extra electric component needs to be clicked in place on the outside of the window. This can be done before following the steps within the manual VELUX blind installation.

There are a range of in-depth installation guides provided with your VELUX blind. So you have all the information needed for the installation of your specific blind. Having said that, each blind is simple and easy to install, whether it is a roller blind, a Venetian blind, a blackout blind or an energy-saving blind.

If you’re looking for an installation guide for a specific VELUX blind, please contact us on 01752 692 760. You can also check out our VELUX blind codes and sizes chart to find what specific blinds fit with your window.

Where to buy VELUX blinds

Here at Roofing Superstore, we have a wide range of VELUX blinds to choose from.

VELUX blackout blinds have been designed to provide complete darkness in the room, regardless of the time of day. Options include the classic blackout blinds from VELUX, the Duo blackout blind, which consists of both a pleated and a blackout blind, and the energy-saving blackout blinds, which provide a layer of insulation as well as complete darkness when required.

Another option when considering blackout blinds from VELUX are the children’s themed blackout blinds. VELUX has collaborated with Disney and Star Wars to create the VELUX & Disney dream collection and the Star Wars & VELUX galactic night collection. Find your, or your children’s, favourite characters from films such as Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, Star Wars and Cars and decorate bedrooms with functional blackout blinds.

VELUX roller blinds are manufactured from a material that has been designed to soften the glare of natural sunlight, whilst still allowing some light into the room. They are perfect for creating a gentle working environment or preventing the room from overheating due to the sun in the summer, whilst also providing a level of privacy from any overlooking neighbours.

Venetian blinds from VELUX consist of a number of horizontal aluminium slats, that can be pulled down across the window and angled to allow more or less light into the room. Unlike traditional Venetian blinds, they are cordless and do not allow any light leakage on either side of the blind, so can provide complete darkness if required.

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