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VELUX blinds, part of the roof window blinds offering at Roofing Superstore, are specially manufactured to fit each sized VELUX window perfectly. VELUX window blinds are a perfect match for VELUX windows and thanks to a variety of contemporary and traditional styles, as well as patterned colour schemes and an array of simple hues, you can choose a VELUX blind that will be a perfect match to your interior decoration too. Use our VELUX Blind's Buyer's Guide to find the best blind to suit your home, or if you're not sure what direction to start looking in!

Neutral tones, dark shades and a modern palette of styles and bold colours make up the core of the VELUX blind range. There are numerous blinds for VELUX windows available, and options vary from simple and clean whites, beiges and dark greys to statement-making purples, blues and pattern mixes. Thanks to their good looks and all the choice you have, your VELUX blinds can be a feature in your home instead of a necessity.

VELUX blackout blinds are available for rooms where complete darkness is required, for people who work night shifts, or for children who need daytime naps. Choose VELUX roller blinds for simple and easy-to-operate blinds that soften the light entering the room without blocking it out completely, or alternatively choose VELUX venetian blinds, which consist of a number of slats that can be adjusted to allow more or less light into the room. Another option is to choose VELUX energy saving blinds, which consist of a double-pleated polyester cloth, combined with a honeycomb-structured aluminium panel. This structure combines a blackout feature with an insulating design to prevent sunlight from entering the room when required, whilst also preventing heat loss through the windows, reducing energy bills.

VELUX Blinds Opening Types

Your blind for a VELUX window could be manual, electric or solar, all depending on what your needs are and which window you’re going to fit them too. Manual VELUX blinds are easily moved into position by hand or by a pole for hard-to-reach locations. These types of VELUX blinds come with a side rail that gives a lightproof seal and allows smoother operation of your blind as the blind just follows the tracks of the rail as you pull them down. 

Electric VELUX blinds can be fitted to existing VELUX electric windows to make your life more efficient and even easier. On your VELUX INTEGRA touch screen remote control pad, you can add your electric VELUX blind so you’re able to operate both the window and blind from one unit. You can operate them in sync or as separate items. Pre-loaded settings on the INTEGRA remote will allow you to set a time to open your VELUX blind as a way of waking you gently in the morning, or you can even program your VELUX blind to open and close at typical times of the day when you’re away to imply somebody is at home. 

Solar-powered VELUX blinds have the same operational features and capabilities as electric VELUX blinds but they absorb solar power from the sun during sunny days to power their operation. You don’t need any mains electricity and because this means no wiring, you can retrofit a solar powered VELUX blind on to an existing manually operated window. All you’d need to do in this case is purchase the INTEGRA control pad to operate the solar VELUX blind.

VELUX Children’s Blinds

For boys and for girls, VELUX offers a creative and inspiring range of Disney and Star Wars blackout blinds so you can transform bedtime into an adventure. Your children can get a great night’s sleep whilst their favourite characters watch over them. Their VELUX blinds will offer a total blackout without the hassle of ambient light alongside the likes of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Winnie the Pooh, Bambi and many more. 

Unable to choose between VELUX blinds? Coming soon is our VELUX Blind Selector so you can filter down to the exact blind that’s a match for your window and for your home. In the meantime please contact us on 01752 692 760 for advice or more information.

How do you fit VELUX blinds? 

The VELUX blind system is very straightforward to install and requires only the most basic DIY knowledge. The system has been specifically designed to be installed at home without the need of a professional and once installed, the VELUX system will offer many years of hassle-free operation. 

Everything is included within the blind pack. You will just need a pencil, drill and a screwdriver to fit.

Installing VELUX manual blinds is simple:

Unpack your blind and unpack the brackets. If your window recess doesn’t already have brackets installed, offer up the brackets to the recess and mark drill holes with a pencil. Offer up the blind to ensure you fit the brackets in the correct position and adjust as necessary. Once you have the pencil marks in the right place, drill the correct size holes for the screws.

Screw the brackets into place using the screws provided. Attach the blind to the brackets until you hear a distinct click. No force should be necessary. The blind should slide into place and the latch will click once properly seated. Fix the blind in place with two screws from the pack.

Next, fit the side channels. One channel should me marked ‘L’ for left and the other ‘R’ for right. Both have an arrow marked, the arrow should point upwards to indicate correct orientation.  Mark screw holes with your pencil once you’re sure the side channels are correctly positioned. Attach all screws apart from the bottom one on each side channel.

Remove the plastic device holding the cord in place (if you bought the manual blind). Slide the cord until the bracket slides into place with another click at the bottom of each side channel. Screw into place with your last two screws, one on each side.

Installing electric VELUX blinds or solar VELUX blinds is similar and requires the same level of basic DIY skills. It couldn’t be easier!

If you have any questions about which VELUX window blind is right for you, give our team a call on 01752 692760 and they will be glad to help out.

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