Lead Flashing Sealants & Treatments

Lead flashing and sheet sealant provides a professional and durable finish to lead roofing projects. Lead sealant ensures that joints between lead, brickwork and other substrates are weatherproof and reliable, so your roof won’t suffer from leaks or damp ingress. 

Lead patination oil is absolutely essential for reducing the risk of unsightly staining and marks and keeps the lead looking smart in the long term. Calder’s patination oil allows you to control the patina and weather staining of the lead at your own rate, so you’re in charge of your home’s aesthetics. 

You’ll also find 25kg bags of lead wool in this range, which is used for a variety of applications, including preventing leaking joints, sealing lead flashing and caulking purposes. All products in this range are supplied by renowned brands Calder and EVERBUILD.

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