Roof Window Blinds

This range of window blinds focuses on you having more choice for your project. With over 5000 window blinds available there's plenty of options for your particular window size, in the colour that you want, and with any upgrades you desire. Whether you're looking for blackout window blinds, electric window blinds, skylight blinds or something a little more simple, we have so many options for you. If there's something particular you're after or you need help finding, please give our roofing experts a call on 01752 692 760 or use the live chat facility on your screen and we'll be happy to help. 

Window Blinds for Flat and Pitched Roofs

Find the perfect window blinds for your home whether your roof is pitched or flat. Flat roof window blinds from top brands can be purchased with a whole host of upgrades and special features that will make your life easier. VELUX FSK window blinds, for example, are solar-powered. These window blinds collect energy from the sun’s rays and then converts that into energy for you to open and close your blinds with remote control. A range of flat roof window blinds are also available in standard electric, light dimming, and heat reduction so that you can get the most out of your windows. Window blinds for pitched roofs also feature the same upgrades as above, available in electric, solar-powered and manual options. There are over 2000 VELUX window blinds and just under 3000 FAKRO window blinds to choose from when you shop with us. You can choose between Venetian window blinds, roller window blinds, blackout blinds, external awning blinds, and methods of opening.

VELUX Blinds

Blackout blinds, Venetian blinds and everything in between, VELUX window blinds are easy to shop thanks to their size categories. Simply select the size or code of VELUX window that you have installed in your home and you’ll be able to shop every window blind that fits it. We have plenty of colour options from neutral shades to blues, blacks and everything in between.

As well as more well-known and traditional VELUX window blinds, there are a number of other alternatives. VELUX awning blinds can be installed on the exterior of your VELUX window to reduce the heat of the sun from warming up the room below, whilst still allowing light into the room, and can be manually or electrically operated. Alternatively, opt for VELUX roller shutters, which are also designed to fit on the exterior of your VELUX window, and consist of aluminium panels which can also act to reduce noise created by rain and hailstorms, as well as providing a 100% blackout when and if required. There are also a number of VELUX blinds for flat roof windows, which can be used to dim the light, reduce the glare of sunlight entering a room, or reduce heat fluctuations. 

FAKRO Blinds

Window blinds from FAKRO combine function, quality and good design in a large assortment of colours, designs and styles so you can find an exact match for your project to provide the correct finishing touch. To make your life easier and to make your window work harder for you electric window blinds can be installed, operated by remote control from anywhere in your home. FAKRO also offer 12 sizes of blackout blinds in many colours and styles so you don’t need to compromise on looks for function. The blinds have side runners to allow no daylight in around the sides of the blinds and they also offer an element of protection from the heat of the sun and UV radiation.

Universal Roof Window Blinds

As well as specific branded window blinds such as VELUX window blinds and FAKRO window blinds, there are a number of universal roof window blinds which can fit a wide range of different roof windows, regardless of their manufacturer. These multi-fit window blinds come in a number of options, including blackout blinds, awning blinds and roller blinds.

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