Cavity Trays & Cavity Wall Trays

Cavity trays are vital to protecting the internal and external of a building against damp in the most vulnerable areas of the build-up. Lintels, roof abutments and corners for example are some of the locations on a build that are most likely to experience water ingress. Pre-formed cavity trays, DPCs and weep vents are all instrumental in preventing this as they encourage water to run out of the building instead of inside. Deterring water from ingressing means that permeable materials like brick, stone and even timber, won’t succumb to the effects of damp and result in costly repair work. In comparison to the price of repairing extensive damp damage, cavity wall trays are inexpensive and efficient.

Weep Vents

Weep vents here at Roofing Superstore come in many colour and purpose-designed applications so you find the best match for your project. Weep vents fit within perp joints in masonry builds and actively encourage cavities to breathe thanks to their easy ventilation. They also provide a water discharge route from DPCs, lintels and cavity trays. Discrete and easy to install, there are retrofit options available for refurbishment projects. Weep vents are most commonly made from high grade UPVC and feature grilles at the front to prevent any animals or bugs from nesting and stopping ventilation.

Cavity closers

Cavity closers are a fantastic tool that help projects meet building regulations in terms of thermal bridging and providing a damp proof course. When looking for cavity closers from Roofing Superstore you can choose between plenty of options so you can fit the best fit for what you need. Opt for Manthorpe or Cavity Trays Yeovil and choose between pack sizes and the best fit for your application.

Insulated damp proof course cavity support and closers can be purchased all in one from Cavity Trays Yeovil and from Manthorpe you can find classic 2.5m lengths of cavity closer for wall and window detailing. Find out more about cavity closers, or contact our experts on 01752 692 760 for advice on which is best for you.

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